We need a official beginners to intermediate multiplayer video guide series from Relic (rough draft for its content included)

I recently had an interaction with a group of bronze/unranked 3s team as a plat 1 player and am coming back to this topic as I feel there’s no go-to source for helping players overcome the initial learning curve that turns some players off to the game quickly. I made a request for this on Reddit (the content draft is here also) and had some related discussion there on how the game needs such good introductory videos to help grow and maintain it’s player base.

Since then Beastyqt has posted a water and counter guide video which could use reviewing as well to include any useful bits in the drafted list of tips the video series should include.


Honestly, if they’re being turned off quickly by the learning curve they’re probably the type of people who wouldn’t excel in a competitive environment in the first place. No one is forcing people to play competitively.

YouTube has a plethora of user-created tutorials and guide content that anyone can access for free. The game has a good tutorial already. The community has put together lots of useful tools for players to utilise such as AOE4 world or various other calculators and build order webpages.

Part of the beauty of this game lies in its difficulty. It allows players a real sense of growth and achievement as their skills progress. The difficulty is a delicate topic - how to the developers maximise the game’s appeal without sacrificing the complexity that makes AOE what it is?

Just go watch Beasty’s youtube channel, it’s brilliant. Great guides for every civs.

I give as an example that nowhere do they tell you that combining keys with Crtl or Shitf adds or removes units or that you can produce 5 units with the help of Shift; They assume that everyone comes from aoe2 and that is not the case. In this aspect COH3 has done a better job with tutorial playlist

there’s no such thing. you are either a pro or doomed to be silver or maybe gold player forever . the rest of players are experts. It seems like there was never a place for amateur and beginners. They get a lot of hate and pros call them “noobs” have you heard about it?.. it’s so sad and frustrating and they also represented a good fraction of players that left the game.