Please we need play :cry:

We all want to play, but I don’t think screaming about it will help.

@AsteroidTick256 I now that it is agony, having to wait and check to see if either:
A: You get the beta key e-mail.
Or B: You see the Beta announced but you arent part of test phase one.
But we must be calm about it as best we can.

we shouldn’t force them to get the game out as quickly as possible? You know why ET was the worst game ever?

because deadlines (and other factors like funding, but deadlines was certainly one of the biggest)

So if you’re telling them that you want it out as fast as possible you’re asking for a broken piece of ■■■■ game where units walk through walls and get stuck in goldmines

When are they releasing the game?

@Reg Probably sometime this year.