We need balance update for Return of Rome ASAP

We need ranked for RoR

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The question is, did you use the correct units that counter archers? Ie mounted units.

The problem of this game can be seen in hidden stats:

Archer-melee have reload time are 1.4-1.5 while this data in aoe2 are 2.0-1.8. This means the damage output of units are 30-40% bigger than aoe2. No defensive function, paper buildings and fragile 25 hp villagers are making tool rush become too deadly.

Everything faster so we need to reduce the attack rate of all units and give loom to villagers. Otherwise game is all about tool rush and sniping villagers

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i am really against the change to heavy catapults. they are a very necissary counter to things like centurians and legionaries in the late game. if they only have the splash of a catapult even comp bowmen and heavy horse archers can act as a counter to them. please reconsider this change


id be ok with it if they did something small like 2 to 1.9 or 1.8 but 2 to 1.2 is such a massive nerf
id like if they did something like 1.5 blast radius for all levels of the upgrade
and heavy catapult got like 100 attack
so the upgrade would still be worth it
but if the pup goes through you will spend 2700 res for just +1 range and +75 hp
the hp is nice but you dont really want your siege to be attacked
def not worth prioitizing the upgrade

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Totally agree. They updates the opposite stuffs that we wanted to change

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I tried slingers and also mounted units. The slingers were not effective, and the mounted units were better. I tried again using mounted units and barely won. The best hope is to use mounted units, and to try to get to Iron as soon as possible. The balance in favor of archers needs to be adjusted, as options are more limited otherwise. They are too effective for their cost and build time.

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sea civs like minoan and hitties are completely broken in water maps. There should be per age wise upscalling of units. Hitties boats should get +1 range every age and same goes with minoan bowmen range. It is already done with some civs. This will make the game a bit more balanced. Furthermore tool age is completely broken. 90% of the games just go 30 mins tool age fights or are over in 10 mins. The villagers are too slow before wheel and bowmen and scout ships shoot insanely fast. Now there is even no point running or micoing villagers. Assyrian bowmen shoot like machine guns and they detroy everything. Slingers have been made so weak that they are useless unit now. The gam need urgent balance changes for the players to remain and newcomers to enjoy but most are already leaving!!! wake up devs.


What ROR need s at first place is a higher player base. Finding 4v4 lobby sometimes is a miracle, 1v1 aren’t so frequent too.

I love playing ROR, prefer it over standard AoE II, but sometimes it is very hard to find someone to play with.


What is needed most now is how to get more ROR players. why the game has been released but the developer does not promote, introduce or organize tournaments? Did they just make the game and let it die on its own?

Lol I don’t think anyone will play a game with many bugs, broken units and imbalance gameplay.

You want them spend much $ organizing a tourney to give aoe watchers a series full of 40 mins tool war and bowmen abuse. Nobody will be interested in and try to play after those horrible games.

When they decide to promote a game, it need to be basically good at some points. Aoe Players are not that dumb to be fooled and buy a low quality product


Adding to the list: please fix transport ships which now only allow to unload one unit at a time - really awful as you can guess.


Add a spearman unit line (not heavy ones) with some speed that can fight cavalry from the tool age to Iron age. It would also be historically accurate.


We already have axeman as spear

Axemen are not cost-efficient past tool. They can’t do anything against cavalry, or even chariots.

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We already have hoplites against melee units

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Not every faction should be getting hoplites. Its completely ridiculous in the current day.

You should not look Hoplite only as greek warrior but as heavily armored elite infantry, which many countries had. Also very many countries in real life used greek mercenaries.

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  • Why shouldnt every civ get hoplites ? For me it has the same effect as like saying not every aoe2 civ should get monks, trebuchets, or longswords…
  • Not every civ gets hoplites
  • If you are thinking about how well the unit appearance fits the civ, well too bad for you, aoe1 and aoe2 do not try to fit unit apparances to the civ. aoe3 and aoe4 try to fit the civs.

That was how it was. Small changes can be made. No need to be bigoted about this. Same reason why regional trade carts, some regional units like battle elephants, steppe lancers, etc were added.

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