We need better social features if AOE2 is to thrive

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I notice that there are no social features built into the game at all. Back in the day, on Voobly, you could add friends to your friends list with a click of a button from the game lobby. it was easy, fun and most importantly social. You’d play a game, have a chat in the lobby and maybe add a new friend to your list, then play games together when both online.

These days on DE, there is no functionality to add friends from in game. trying to find them on Steam is painful and annoying, and diminishes the social aspect of the game for me. I think if the game is to grow and thrive we need to make it easy for new players to make friends in game, and to build little groups and for newbies to practice against each other. otherwise competitive online play is too hard to get started with. New players already start at too high an ELO so they get flogged the first 20 games. We need to work on making a better experience for new players. and all players.

Some players might say all the social features for the game exist on other platforms eg discord, steam, YT, Twitch. but you have to find other likeminded players first. Whats the best way of meeting similar rated players? it should be running into each other on the ranked ladder, then being able to easily friend each other. Back in the day I made so many friends on voobly it was awesome. but it takes so much effort trying to add ppl to steam after playing ranked games vs randoms.


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I fully agree with this. Part of the problem in my opinion is that the playerbase is both on Steam and Microsoft Store. So you cannot use Steam’s functionality as it won’t help the people playing from Microsoft accounts. The solution would be for the game to have its own social features, but that’s probably developer time that they can’t expend on.

I remember pretty clearly playing ranked teamgames and finding a handful of people who were really fun and chill, so we wanted to play together again. Except, it was so obnoxious to try and queue together with them now! I had to go through third-party websites (it was aoe2 net back then, now would probably be aoe2lobby or something) to actually get their Steam profile codes and add them as friends. If you don’t immediately get their friend code after game, you’re on your own. There’s no way to message a player, and some may have common names that searching them up from Steam won’t hold results either.

If you want to play custom games, then the more popular custom games also have their own Discord servers, which is problematic in its own way. What happens when such a community server ends up being in the hands of people who start spouting political misinformation? Those custom games might be very tricky to play now, since the community playing those maps might require being part of the Discord server, and community managers/devs can’t really do anything about that. Except, there is this unfinished and broken feature in the game, called Clans. If only there were social features attached so you’re not reliant on third-party community features to play together as well.

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thank you, what a noob!