We need howitzers and mortars

We need howitzers and mortars.

Mortars lob shells at a 45degree angle. Think of them similiar to trebuchets, but historically, they fired shells, not solid shot. Mortars could be an age 4 upgrade to replace the produce trebuchet with produce howitzer. They would be able to fire over stone walls, and their attacks would catch structures on fire.

Mortars were invented during the late Middle Ages. So, it wouldn’t be that bad of an idea to have them in AoE4 but I’m not sure how implementing this unit would go tbh.

Yeah not sure how they fill a role different than trebuchets or mangonels.

Did anyone use them significantly more than others? Could be a unique unit that’s just like a better imp version of existing siege.

It probably wouldn’t be called a howitzer though.

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The first howitzers were developed in the 16th century. Howitzers are different from cannons and mortars in that they fire at an angle between the two.

Yeah but they weren’t called “howitzer” at first. I think that term was not used until 1695. Like if we had a Czech/Bohemian civ it would probably be a houfnice.

Although the Dutch word English stole “howitzer” from is basically the same.

Again, play AoE3. These features are there in that game.

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