We need in game team vocie chat!

Yes you can use discord. But sometimes when you are playing multi player games in the matching system. We do need a team voice chat to make better communication.


I agree. I know that people worry about spam and/or trolling, but many, many games (both RTS and otherwise) have easy and simple mute functions for their VOIPs.

Uncensored, unmoderated voice chat? What if somebody says something… mean? Or worse, and may God punish me for uttering this word, something ‘problematic’?!
This can’t be.

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I Concur there should be a voice chat system in place. I am just speaking for myself but I don’t always have the luxury to fully type out conversation While I am being attacked on 3-4 fronts. The time spent typing up a message which the other player may or may not get (refer to internet lag) is valuable time I could have spent focusing on the war efforts and survival of my villagers. People say Mean things to each other every day. Where there is a voice chat / Team Speak line in place, I have no doubt you can just hit mute button. its very simple very effective. and concerning discord or some other form of messenger so to speak can work, not everyone should need to have a discord in order to be able to talk to other players.

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Will it disrupt your world by realizing that A) you can not use it while staying in chat B) you can click “join voice chat” and then take part in it? C) Even if someone starts being toxic, u can just mute him. It can happen same way in chat.

Voice chat would be very much appreciated for random team matches! These are so uncoordinated - and in this game typing is not really an option due to the speed and actions you need to do. Obviously mute options need to be there as well.