We need map bans

We have to have map bans. Some maps are absolute garbage and can completely screw the civilization you are trying to play or over benefit other. Playing against Delhi sultanate on Black forest is impossible because of stone walls in Feudal. Water maps in general are bad because the naval combat feels really bad. Being able to pick specific maps to queue for or to ban some of the worst maps away is a must.


Playing on water in this game is stupid, 2 fire ships can take your entire ships, has a huge AOE, there is no formations for ships and they move so clunky… game is not ready for water maps… allow us to remove water maps from online games.


No, i love the water maps.


They don’t necessarily need to outright ban them, but there should be a pick and choose system for those who still wish to play water maps.


You just have to play differently on water maps, me personally like them as they change the way you play compared to land maps.

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low elo legend analytics.

Now water maps are broken with france.

After fix, they will be boring.
Even aoe2 has 3 types of ships in feudal age against “galley for aoe4”. Awesome interesting balance(no).

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I don’t know why need to bann them totaly. If i have to play on a water map i just surrender in an instant and go a new one. If there will be ranked then i assume we will be able to choose where we don’t want to play. Others are like it a lot so i think it should be still playable.


Technically Age4 has 5 different types of ships in Feudal - Civ specifics with same ships in same “regions”.

English Galley 180W 180G 40 s
Chinese Junk 120W 90G 35 s
French Hulk 300W 240G 45 s
HRR Galley 180W 180G 40 s - same as english.
Mongol Light Junk 120W 90G 35 s - same as chinese
Rus Lodya 120W 60G 35 s
Abassid Dhow 180W 90G 40 s
Dehli Dhow 180W 90G 40 s - same as Abassid

Lodya with transformer ability, French with Hulk, Dhows can shoot in all directions while moving, not sure about Galleys, probably tankier then the rest.

French Hulk should just be something like an “early Hulk”, even with the higher cost it feels like 1 Hulk can easily take down the lower tier ships in a resource even battle. Or maybe make it 60 seconds production time, higher gold cost. Something like that.

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I like water maps very much, but it’s troublesome to balance the French ships. France in age 2 can build attack ships and then destroy all enemy ships on the sea. The enemy will have to wait until age 3 to build the same ships. However, at that time France again There are better ships.

France is strong in several of the most critical arms, including cavalry and ships, so many people play France. Maybe this needs to be corrected.

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Yep, adapt and overcome! :smiley:

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The devs did debate alot on water or not knowing that its not its strong suit… but the game also wouldnt be complete without it… it still adds to the natural history and feel of it all


For now, look at civ pick as the first part of your strategical game plan. Pick the civ that fits the map the best. There’s a reason you can see map before the game starts contrary to the standard in games like aoe3 and sc2

I love water maps, also there isn’t even that many. I barely got games in water maps.
What we do need is to move france hulk to age3 and just give them the galley on age2 like other civs.

Ships just need some balance tweaks.

Water and boats are incredibly boring.
Having said that I also didn’t like water and boats in AoE2.


I like water and ships, I really would like to play a water map but you don’t have ships formations, fire ships have a huge AOE, ships battles feels so shallow, even fire ships can destroy your dock, there is no scout on water… Ships.battles are also boring it just right click with your fire ships.

missed the point completely…

yes, I’d like a system similar to AOE II DE where there’s a predetermined pool of maps you might play on and you can ban 2-3 of them. Water maps are always my first pick for bans, I just dislike playing on them in pretty much any game

technically, u can build ONE type in feudal per civ. What are u talking about?
Just boat vs boat, without any interesting micro, u can only mass ur boats.

And sc2 dont have random map generation and one play only main civ, pls stop.
Even If u lock civ before map → FRANKS will everywhere.
Anyway dont understand how “that” can help with balance on water.

They need to add more types or feudal, or some how to skip feudal and fight in the castle age. Also unique landmark like “market” are broken, u selling food is broken. It’s an option only for a few civs, and who hit feudal earlier will recieve advantage.
in water fights u dont need to have food. at all. just sell it.

As lon as french have OP ships in feudal and everybody nukes in castle, water maps are unplayable.