We need more Terrains

Sounds fun, but also very much the kind of thing that IMO should be exclusive to scenarios or custom lobbies, like some of the stuff that’s been done for community games (although this is true of some of my proposals as well.)

At present, AFAIK you could approximate this feature in the Editor, but it would be very labor-intensive.

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I see it limited to some “extreme cold” maps. Not changing how current maps are.

Would love to see stakes in the ground that stops cavalry from advancing.

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While interesting, I don’t think this is suitable for AoE2. Rise of nations has a mechanic where roads automatically form amoung buildings and through trade iirc.

I agree in part. Monks converting units already feels a bit like fantasy, tbh. The way I envisioned holy ground is as a fixed area, like a rectangle or circle, within which you can place your monastery. Or, you place your monastery there, and you get an area of effect in a circle like stronghold castles or folwark. But yeah, this is the most extreme idea in the list, definitely.

Thanks! Yeah, I was trying to think of ways to improve the game without touching the civs themselves, and this was at the top of my list. I have a few other ideas, but nothing as well-developed as this one.

There are two reasons I included camels in the category. The first is that camels are desert creatures. They can swim, but none of them live in swamps. But more importantly, knights and cav archers will be destroyed by camels in swamps otherwise. So, you have to slow down camels for the sake of balance.

Yeah, this is my main issue as well. Special terrains need clear indicators and maybe even special textures. Lots of players don’t know that cracked terrain makes your buildings weaker. If there are new terrains and most players don’t notice it, that could be an issue.

This might be perfect for scenarios. For 1v1s, I usually think of them in a sort of abstract way, about the rise and fall of an empire you create. I don’t know how you can fit weather in that. The game happens over the period of centuries, so weather gets kinda weird.

There are certainly some pathing issues to be had with the roads. Either we introduce a new building to route trade carts the best way, or set up maps such that roads always go from one player to their opponent.

This is really nice. You can use this for mountains or caverns. Infantry units can take a brief rest from being chased by cavalry units here, while they wait for reinforcements. It would reduce the power of mobility and make open maps more viable for infantry, which is always nice.

I like incentives over punishments. Such a terrain is basically a dead terrain, limiting what you can do with the map. It might work in small amounts, but not as a general terrain.

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I guess Mongols can get an ability like salting the farmlands or something.

It also gives more soace for nice bur flavourful civ bonuses.

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Yeah i would love more terrain strategic options!

The only one i dislike is the holy ground as It feels wonky and fantasy-like and difficult to implement, but maybe It could be changed in an area where if you build a monastery and Place a relic there, It generates double the gold


Cool thing about boggy terrain which slows down movement speed is you would see a lot more demo ships, which is always a good thing :grin:

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We don’t need even more mechanics in the game, please


That’s why it’s a concept for an entirely new Age of Empires game set in the modern day.


This would tie in nicely with @Apocalypso4826’s suggestion for a Lindisfarne historical battle, since Lindisfarne is a tidal island, accessible on foot about half of the time. To me, the obvious – although highly historically fanciful – scenario would involve defending the monastery from the Vikings until the tide goes out, then escaping on foot with a relic (St Cuthbert’s bones).

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I wish we could have some sort of overlay/transparent terrain that goes ontop of existing terrain for modding purposes

Hey, I’m glad you remembered that! It was such a small part of a larger discussion that I didn’t think anyone noticed. And you’re right, intertidal terrain would be good for such a scenario.

I grew up in the north-east of England, so it’s sort of hard not to notice when someone mentions somewhere local. (But I don’t know about the history of Oceania so didn’t have anything to contribute to the other thread.)

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Oh, nice! I’m watching the coronation right now (even though I’m American), so my responses will be slow.

I would love if they add more terrains but devs need to fix the cracked terrain first. It gets turned into normal terrain of you place a farm and delete it.

Fertile Terrain - IDK. I can see balance issues if one player gets more fertile terrain than another. It’d also imply other terrains should be less fertile than normal. Not dismissing this out of hand, but I’m unconvinced.
Swamp Terrain - I like this. I could see a sand dune terrain doing something similar. Regardless I think it’s quite flavorful.
Paved Terrain - Implies this should be buildable. IDK how you’d do that. IDK. mechanically It’s just the opposite of the swamp terrain, but yeah, not convinced.
Dense Forest / Tall Cliff - While it’s not a super big deal I find it slightly irksome that LOS is not affected by terrain, elevation, trees, etc. IDK if we need a new terrain type but yes I’d be in favor of LOS that is a bit more dynamic.
Holy Ground - feels like the artifacts from aoe1 which I personally wasn’t a big fan of.

Assuming no other mechanics are different from AoE2, town centers and bushes should probably be surrounded by fertile terrains at the start. Of course, nomad maps are to be taken into account.

If you surround the TC and bushes with fertile terrain, I think that’d only make the meta even more faced paced. Admittedly the pros are trying to delay farms and hunt as long as possible cause farms gather food slower and use wood, but the last thing pros need IMO is another fast food source. IDK I could be wrong.

The way I conceptualize it, nobody gets fertile terrain at the start. All of it belongs to the neutral ground, and has to be fought over. It will only affect balance as much as neutral gold or stone does, but in different ways.

This means you need to hold that ground and farm on it to get an advantage, but you are putting your vils at risk at the same time. Additionally, fertile terrains should not spawn near neutral gold or stone. That means either you go for the fertile terrain early game, propelling you towards castle age earlier and gaining an advantage that way, or you cede that to your opponent, and go for controlling neutral gold/stone.