We need smarter villager and army!

First, the villagers will not automatically go to fight the next herd of animal after eating a herd of animal. For example, a villager will stay put after eating a elephant, even though there is a herd of deer right next to it.
I hope the villagers can be smarter and go to eat the next herd of animal by themselves.

Secondly(Already sloved), the army will not automatically counterattack when they are hit while demolishing enemy buildings. This means that your frontline army is likely to be taking hits for nothing while you’re operating the rear farmers. (And you don’t know if your army is tc hit or army hit)
I wish there was a toggleable option - priority attacking units or buildings.
Prioritize attacking units - automatically attack when an enemy unit comes into range. (Better to have nearby friendly troops attack enemy units as well)
Prioritize attacking buildings - attack buildings first even if they are being hit.


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This is intentional and good; livestock animals and huntable animals should not be treated as the same. It would be annoying if villagers randomly decide to eat livestock when I don’t intend to.

There is such option already.
When you use “attack move” command, they will prioritize units.
When you directly right-click building, they will prioritize building even if they being hit.


I pretty miss the automatic citizen function in the Rise of Nations.

Wait… I feel I have already heard some people yelling
“what not just give you a “auto-win” button …blah blah”

I would say no matter how advanced the UI is, no matter how slow the pace the game is, the quicker players always have advantage in “any” RTS game. Even in a game with automatic citizen like RoN or an extrmely slow pace game like R.U.S.E. So People really don’t need worry about it at all. But better control indeed will give people of different skill level bettler playing experience.

It is 2022 I believe no one want to fine idle villiager one by one or can onlt select 12 units at one time like last century.

You are welcome. :grin:


I think you have missunderstand my words.
Firstly,In my example ,cow is also huntable animals.I want villagers can move on to the next herd of huntable animals after finish gathering one.

Seconed,you cant watch the frontline all the time to keep units attack units.Because your villagers will stop working.I hope although you are looking at your TC, your solider can antifight enemies by themselves,dont need to “use attack move”.

Cows are not hunt animals they are herd animals. Just means they can be fatten and controlled. Also they can be eaten faster then hunt animals. I do have an issue with herd animals that is related to “We need smarter villager” issue that when 3 or more villagers tasked to gather from herd animals 1 or more of the 3+ villagers will get stuck next to the corps of the herd animal and not gather and eventually will go idle ( some times they don’t they just stand there not doing anything with out the notification of idle villager popping up) I believe this is an issue with the size of the gathering radius of the herd corps being even smaller then when it was alive. An easy fix i think would be just to make the gather range larger; would really like to use herd animals more but they tend to be micro intensive at times because of these issues. Also If we can get an ability on the economic buildings to have near by villagers to auto gather Non-fatten herd that would help as trying to shift click on each herd leads to the issues listed above.


may be I should replace “cow” with “elephant”

Ah, then that makes sense, yes.

I think there is some misunderstanding.
You can use “attack move” and then look at your TC. Your soldiers will keep fighting in “attack move” mode on the frontline, until they kill everything to reach the destination.

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wow,thats ture.
“You can use “attack move” and then look at your TC. Your soldiers will keep fighting in “attack move” mode on the frontline, until they kill everything to reach the destination.”
Thank you for answering.

also if you want army to go back and forth between 2 or more locations, use patrol command and shift queue waypoints, its basically attack move on a loop between points you manually set