We need SOMETHING about AoE4 asap

Ok i’m going to be honest. Not a screenshot, not a single word, not a speculative hint, absolutely nothing.
Im even starting to think, they wont even make the game.

Please devs, whoever reads this message, understand this feeling and say something, maybe that the game is being developing??

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I prefer the silence.

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The last release. AoE DE they only make disappointments. Is better work in solid concept. No clues.

You are not going to get anything now during the winter holidays when everyone takes a vacation.


I would honestly not expect to hear more about AoE IV until Gamescom 2019. It only makes sense that more info about the game will be released where it was announced.


Yes. They will announce anything at gamescom or nothing at all. This year i expected them to make an announcement about the future of aoe 2 definitive edition. But it won’t come out in 2019. Maybe they even went bankrupt after making aoe1 def edition., who knows?

It is kinda exciting actually, so many conferences mid 2019, we’re getting close!