We need to add new civs

we need to add new civlicization for example (in the era of this game thire where great empires that exsisted in this time like safavid of iran from 1501 till 1722 and was rivle to ottoman empire and aliote moroc who was empire in west africa also at ottoman time also ethopian empire founded in 1250 and desoloved in 1974)

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They should make an African focussed expansion, like they did with Asia.

So 3 new African civa
New maps (all African)
And some changes to the existing civs with the new African style.


Maybe later‚Ķnow I do not need new civs (as there are already ‚Äúnew‚ÄĚ civs with the DE release).

Also there are bigger probs to fix first… (yes I know that there are probably different teams/ppl working for different aspects of the game)

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Denmark is also the only european nation missing who colonised the americas as well as small parts of africa and India.

Maybe add 2-3 african civs and new african maps as well.

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We don‚Äôt need new civs. As it is now, only a few civs are commonly seen. What we need is for the devs to GAME BALANCE the civs, so that we see more variety of civs instead of always germany japan or sweds. No point in new civs when most of the existing civs aren‚Äôt even being used. If you want ‚Äėnew‚Äô civs, it is not hard to create a mod which replaces the text in game and you can rename civs. You can also switch around graphics using mods. And multiplayer will still work. I did it on AOE2. There is already an existing mod which removes the political correct renaming and puts it all back to the way the non DE version had it (highly recommend that mod, although to be honest I stopped played AOE3DE after about 3 hours due to the horrendous game balance).


Game balance can be better, but it is decent enough balanced to be honest.

Also it are not only those 3 civs. These are the civs you see almost every lobby:

  • Dutch
  • British
  • French
  • Japanese

Then for some ones decently seen:

  • Germany
  • Ottomans
  • Russia

And a really popular treaty civ you almost always see is portuguese.

Honestly all the matches I have yet played ~15-20 games maybe I have seen a total of like 4 Swedish players.

In general the European civs are very popular, with Spain being an exception and Japan replacing them.


I think they are not mutually exclusive.

A general balance is urgent, i only see Japan, France, Sweden and Russia in most of my games. (which become quite boring quite fast).

I do believe the devs should include (for example in the one year aniversary) africa civs such as the ethiopians zulus or morrocans. And some of them are already in the game (in a way the berbers and the ethiopians of the first two histórica battles Can represent those two civs, só it would BE easy to adapt


Please, add Italy. Thanks! it was planned during the development of the original game.


Agree, seeing the same few civs over and over is VERY boring, might as well play a different game. Effectively there are only 3-4 civs as you say.

I don’t consider that new civs are needed(for the moment). The game has enough content, just need to be balanced so most of the players don’t go always for the strongest civs/builds.

The priority now is make the game more enjoyable by fixing bugs, optimization and balance patches. No more civs that can make everything even worst.

But also, what about your favorite civilizations? You can’t force everyone to play a different civ in every game, you should consider that.


Buff spain, make a more viable civ, not only FF strategy.

British and Dutch are just as common as France and Japan, I myself barely see Sweden.

I am a bit surprised if you dont see British and Dutch that often as I do almost every match its uncommone to not see them.

In general all European civs are very common with the exception of Spain.

Good afternoon in my humble opinion I think first is to try to stabilize the game with patches to correct connection errors and stability and optimization.
I propose these civilizations as this game deals with a period of conquests until it was Napoleonic serious:

Americana : Mayas
Cronología maya
|Precl√°sico|Precl√°sico Temprano|2000-1000 a. C.|
|Precl√°sico Medio|Precl√°sico Medio Temprano|1000-600 a. C.|
|Preclásico Medio Tardío|600-350 a. C.|
|Preclásico Tardío|Preclásico Tardío Temprano|350-1 a. C.|
|Preclásico Tardío Tardío|1 a. C.-159 d. C.|
|Precl√°sico Terminal|159-250 d. C.|
|Cl√°sico|Cl√°sico Temprano|250-550 d. C.|
|Clásico Tardío|550-830 d. C.|
|Cl√°sico Terminal|830-950 d. C.|
|Poscl√°sico|Poscl√°sico Temprano|950-1200 d. C.|
|Posclásico Tardío|1200-1539 d. C.|
|Periodo de contacto/Conquista espa√Īola|1511-1697 d. C.

The end of the Aztec Empire occurred on August 13, 1521, when the Spanish

if we compare the fall of the Aztecs or Mexicas. the mayans fell later.

Civilizations that I propose:

  1. Mayan civilization 2. civilization Italian
  2. Muisca civilization 3. civilization African : Etiopes o somali

I propose an American and a European, an American and an African

forgive my bad english is not my native language.

first of all, Thanks

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