We need to be able to destroy allied buildings

So, as a malian I am building my pit mines on those exhausted large gold nodes that are super big and comfy. And what does the “friendly” ai do? It comes in, and builds a mining camp right next to it. BLOCKING me. And can i destroy it with mangonels? Nope.

Literally unplayable.

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Enabling friendly fire would make the game strange.

You could destroy walls and things that disturbs you, but also will allow people to troll to unsuspicious limits.

Imagine someone that justs starts to kill your buildings because for some reason he got mad at you.

Maybe a mod, or a custom game mode for “hardcore”. In Battlefield and some shooters you have hardcore mode where friendly fire is on.

If it’s AI causing the issue, maybe the better solution is an AI command for the player to make the AI delete a building?

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There is already a taunt for that. Although I don’t know if allied AI follow those commands yet. Probably not. I’ve never actually played with an AI ally.

You and the OP are thinking of friendly fire whereas I would reimagine the implementation as allowing DELETE_KEY building removal. Two completely different things.

If you are worried about “allies” exploiting it, you could implement it only for resource collection structures and only after a certain time or age is reached.

Or only with, you know, AI?

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As user above says, maybe just implement this to delete friendly AI buildings. That would make sense.

you should get gold by other means such as market or just play other civs bro. you cant just steal all the gold with the refinery tower

Its not stealing! The gold has already been mined out! ;_; they wont delete their mines!