We need to use precise description to make AOE4 become an appropriate game

Please hear me out.

There are too many misunderstands between Developers and Players, due to the lack of complete precise description of players.

For example, in the case of Dawn of War 3, in the previous game feedback, on one hand, most normal players want the massive army come back and want the base building come back and they don’t want to be rush or cheese and they want to come back from defeat and on the other hand, some professional players want units have more quick responsive time and less sync-kill and make cover become useful in the late game and Relic does listen to all players, thus they make almost all reasonable feedback into Dawn of War 3 and then that’s what we have now.

For those normal players:

  1. They really get the massive army back, but with the small squad form not the large squad form and units die very quickly.

  2. They really get the base building back, but only about 5 types buildings.

  3. They really get can not be rushed, but with the shield generator, tower, and power core design.

For those professional players:

  1. Relic does make faster units’ responsive time.

  2. Relic does move all sync-killl.

  3. Relic does make cover become useful in the late game. They use smoke cover and ability cover to achieve this goal.

According to this case, we can see that there is a huge misunderstand gap between developers and players and those devs do working very hard, but most of players are not happy and that not the result we want, thus we have to change this. If AOE4 does not success and then this time Relic does not have back road to go.

Finally, I have something want to say to developers and players.

For those developers:

  1. I know the suggestions and opinions in this forum can not present all feedback from players, but this is a proof that to show you are listening to players and if some part of players do not come to post their opinions and blame devs and then that mostly is their fault and devs don’t have to keep those blame in mind.

  2. I think Developers have to make their mind to choose their target customer. You can not please everyone and the DOW3 case proves that if you want to please everyone and then you make everyone unhappy. In my opinion, the target customer are normal gamers but not those professional gamers, because RTS games require a large playerbase to maintain it keep working. If normal players do not play the game and then those professional players have no reason to stay in the game.

  3. Try to use an open structure to develop games. I know what developers want to do they want to make more new things and discover more new territory in RTS area, but this time, we have no choice to do that, but only to match those customers’ wishes. In my opinion, the feedback of DOW3 is less useful, because players do said they don’t like MOBA feel RTS games, but Relic does released it. And we can see the sale numbers of DOW3, it can represent the market acceptability and it seems like not many customers but it. If we want the feedback to be more useful and then I think developers have to make feedback phase earlier and then to make sure they really can match the wishes of players.

For players:

  1. Do not have unrealistic wishes and over high expectation about AOE4, because games have its limitation and nowaday you can not expect a RTS game can make players both surprise and satisfied.

  2. To figure out, if you are really like the RTS genre or you just like the Simulation genre, those two genres are very different. If players want to play RTS game in a serious way and then they have to practice it very hard and they will meet a lot of obstacles. Think before you leap.

  3. Do not blindly follow the tide of internet media. You have to have your own independent thinking ability.

Thanks for reading.