We should be able to pick profile picture player colors

I just think this is a really nice feature that lets people customize their profile a little bit better. I don’t want to have grey units as my profile picture (I use one of the event icons, but still), I want to be able to have a green or other color version of the unit. The same goes for the UU icons, why should they have to be in a fixed color if I actually don’t like that color for my units? What do people think?


The colors I don’t mind that much. I would like to see additional profile pictures for (Elite) Elephant Archer (not existing anymore) and secondary unique units. Perhaps it could be that e.g. you get Thirisadai when you also get Urumi picture (so more pics for civs with multiple UUs).

Also, I like the new campaign pics (in the recent event). Perhaps campaign pics for LotW and DotD could be given for free to those who bought the DLCs? This could then be the standard procedure for future DLCs

That would be nice as well, but the thing is, I just don’t think the unit icons can look as cool as the event icons, and a big part of that is how they are all stuck with grey, instead of letting the player pick a more vibrant color.