We should be allowed to mix ROR and AOE2 civs in custom scenarios

Thank you for coming to my TED talk. I will not elaborate further.


About the balance of such a move…

TK : 85 food, 30 gold. Centurion : 60 food, 40 gold.

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Give an example where aoe2 and aoe civis can both be used.

A diplomacy scenario based on Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion is one. Roman Empire vs. Barbarians (Spirit of the Law’s classic scenario)

The barbarian invasions are AOE2 territory. The only AOE1 civs not from East Asia not knocked out at this point were the Romans (Romans), Eastern Romans who might be Greeks or Macedonians (Byzantines) and Persians (Persians). All the others already exist in AOE2 (Franks Goths Huns Celts…) or have close enough equivalents (the Goths would be good enough placeholders for the Vandals, the Vikings for the Saxons…).


It’s still can be cool as a fantasy scenario where ancient meets the ‘modern’ darkage. I want Romans to to be fighting dinosaurs in some crazy map like the Jurassic Park scenario.

Also, units can be fixed with triggers if needed. You can edit their stats that way.


Balance only matters in competitive games.

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We need the Indians of AOE2 for example to fight the Greeks/Macedonians and Persians of AOE1DE

Just use triggers to balance units.
A lot better to have to install a mod to mod in AoE1 assets into AoE2.

  • 500-1000 AD East Asia.
  • Celts (for Gauls), Goths (for Germanic tribes), Huns/Magyars (for Skythians) or similar
  • Having anything for India (For example in a Alexander the Great scenario)
  • Having anything for the America, not sure for what scenario. Mayans are ancient after all.
  • Having anything for Africa. Ethiopians are also ancient.

Just a few quick ideas.

I hope we get at last access to some of the AoE2 units, some of them are really ancient anyway like the Celtic Unique Unit.


Depraved AoE player with you foolish forum propositions! You want to make custom scenarios historically inaccurate!? I won’t tolerate this blasphemous behavior in my blessed and pure AoE2!

That aside, would be fun to mess around in the editor pitting AoE1 civs against their counterparts in AoE2, I assume it wouldn’t be to much of a problem seeing how they are both in the same game.

These can be done in aoe2 noh?

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Back in my day AOE 2 was a great tool for storytelling, with tons of scenarios, both historical and otherwise, telling great tales. The most wonderful of these were entirely fictional works, some even of fantasy, like Sabato Returns, When the Wheel Breaks, and Ulio for Christ’s sakes! Do y’all not know Ulio!? It’s a masterpiece in storytelling and Scenario Design! And the Sabato series is an amazing fantasy story about a damned ancient, evil Witch!

History seems to be a crutch to this modern community’s creativity, not merely a tool that can be used, or not used, as needed. You want history or bust, even when the greatest stories ever told in AoE2 scenarios were never historical.

But what if I want mostly AoE1 gameplay in those scenarios.
It would be strange to make an Alexander the Great campaign in AoE2 using the Byzantines as Macedonians or something like that.

Same with Celts fighting ancient Greeks.
I wouldn’t want to recreate the wars of Julius Caesar with AoE2 Romans. In the AoE1 RoR campaign the Gauls were Greeks and stuff like that, didn’t feel very Celtic.

Also almost all East Asian buildings look Japanese while the AoE1 ones fit a lot better into China.


For years I’ve wanted “barbarian” civs in AOE1 like Celts, Germans, and Dacians. But it never happened. Now we’re getting a Trajan campaign and he goes into Dacia in scenario 3. But there’s still no Dacian civ.

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After reading through all the replies seems like the best option is to add more factions to aoe not enable cross play.


Yeah, I wonder how the Dacians will be represented in this scenario. Hopefully they are added as a civ in a later update so they can replace whatever stand-in they will use in the meantime. If they use an AoE2 civ, it may be mostly units roaming all over the map without buildings or an eco, since AoE2 buildings are far sturdier than AoE1’s and it would be weird to have the Dacians of all people be the ones using insanely huge buildings with high hp…

I agree more civs would be ideal (compared to AoE2, AoE1 is basically virgin territory in that regard), but I don’t see what would be the problem with crossplay as long as it’s limited to single player scenarios…


Tech tree and unit mis match isn’t an issue? You might need a completely new AI too to understand both civi types.

Do you though? The RoR AI is going to be scripted in the same language as AoE2DE AI, since they’re now on the same engine. Since it’s the same engine, it means it will use the same unit armor classes, and damage types, and armor types, and so on.

Both are the exact same game now, just with different units, buildings, and techs. The underlining systems are the same. RoR is basically a total conversion mod.

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AI look at which building has which units where it has nothing to do with the engine itself so you need a new AI.

Eg aoe2 barracks militia upgrade to m@a then the rest,aoe barracks clubman then axe man unit line ends.so even if both of them use the exact same unit and building slot aoe2 ai will stop at m@a or aoe ai will only train axemen.