We want a pure game video


Dear developers, you can provide the community with a pure game video of what it will really look like when a player plays.

What was introduced, I strongly doubt that it was just a game shot.

There was a constant zooming in and out of the view. Then the camera rotated and more.

They never show full details in RTS games!

This guy evaluates it well.

So really give us just a game video !!!



Yeah, I’m getting a bit confused because there seems to be older videos with different graphics than what they just released.


Totally agree. Full video of one gameplay but really looking how player sees it not zooming in and out and rotating. You could switch between players from time to time but really show what player is seeing. That would be great to see
Now that i thought about it it would be great to see 2 v 2 gameplay so each of 4 civs would be shown. Record some games and show us the closest game. Would be even more epic if we could see this 1 game from each players (each civs) perspective. So 4 videos of 1 game .Then also the best feedback could come in


No further reactions on this topic?

Maybe developers could respond.

But we wont learn anything from them for a long time, as is the custom.

I suspect that from the 2019 sneak peak video until now, Microsoft changed gears and decided that this game should run on mobile so as to not lose that market, especially now considering that iPads and likely future iPhones will have the powerful M[X] processors. Still of course they are no match for a proper desktop GPU, so the graphics and complex game mechanics had to be toned down.

You know, I have really groundbreaking idea.

Why not make a spin-off series for mobile and a proper sequel for PC?

I must be a genius, this idea was SO hard to conceive.

It took me, like… 10 seconds.

IKR? lol

A similar thing is happening to Flight Sim 2020 which is being graphically downgraded (after its public release, no less) to be able to run properly on Xbox. People are pissed.

I could almost bet this will have a surprise announcement that it runs on iOS at least. It’s really at a perfectly reasonable level graphics-wise compared to the latest mobile games.

AAA companies are all about the $$$ these days, screw quality.

And people still naively defend them thinking they would go broke if they actualy worked on the games to be realeased properly on each system they aim at.