We want……or can say we beg another update at least in December

We need another update to fix the bug of November update lol.And we want to see something new in December.If we will have a new DLC,that will be amazing.


I think there will be no DLCs until AOM RE release or at least coming year
I would like to have one, but we have to be realistic

Hopefully another update is in the works! :smiley:


Hope it will come true in December

I, for one, am just sad that the holiday themed stuff went away. I was expecting all the festive stuff to return each holiday.


The game is stuttering

yes i just gave my thumb down on steam

I definitely don’t miss that. Stupid red balloons flying across the screen was incredibly annoying. If they ever bring it back I hope it’s something that can be disabled.

No way! I hope they do more! And if they don’t I hope some modders will :grin:

I‘m afraid they will not give us an update in December.