We Want Ranked FFA Nomad

It’s no doubt that Megarandom Nomad FFA’s are one of the games that people love playing the most. Everytime you go into the Custom Games tab around half of the games are Nomad FFA’s. So I think people would love to have another rank besides solo and team ranked.
I see FFA ranked working in one of two ways:

  1. The points are awarded according to the position you ended up in the game. So the person that is eliminated first looses a lot of points, the person that is eliminated 4th could receive or lose almost no points and the first one gets a lot of points.

It would be a fairly simple way to implement it but the one problem I have with this is that people would try to be as passive as possible since you just don’t want to get eliminated first and there is no reason to attack people early. And one way to fix that could be to calculate the rank like this:

  1. There is a set amount of points you earn by getting first blood, eliminating someone and winning. Also if someone wins with Sacred Site or Wonder, then the points could be calculated according to the amount of alive players when the sites are captured or when the wonder is built.

This way aggression is encouraged and games can be faster and people could have a way to “show off” they are good at nomad FFA’s


Even if it doesn’t make it to ranked, Nomad FFA and even Team should make it Quick Play. :smile:

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Yes, please. We need that.

Would like to see this too.

With match making it should just be the first 8 that are seaching for a game. Doesnt matter the rank. So the games start straight away.

And i think there needs to be when searching for a game it will know the people you are normally friends with, to not have you in the same ffa match

Or even better, make the names hidden so people don’t know who’s who and that way you don’t team up. I think that’s the most difficult think to balance for friends that would queue at the same time and team up in the FFA’s.
But one way I see to avoid that is to completely disable trading to anyone’s market while player are alive so the only trade allowed is to neutral markets and dead players