We want this Chinese explorer skin

This is a general wearing Manchurian yellow flag armor, I’m sure the devs can do better than this. Hope to appear in the Spring Festival next year. Many thanks to the devs for a lot of effort


These are some pictures and real objects of Qing Dynasty armor


I agree wholeheartedly but I also want the Qing official uniform, you can see the dude walking around in the background of the homecity, with his changshan and bianzi out. I want that. Would be nice if they gave him a dao or something, just for cosmetics. He could retain the roundhouse kick.

God I wish they would make the arquebusier look more like a Bannerman.

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Skins of monks and disciples

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Since we are talking about Chinese explorer, I think they should really really buff their roundhouse kick ability as well. There is no reason to send that card right now and the ability takes centuries to reload.