We were winning a game but

The Mongol player made 200 horsemen and killed all our land marks. Took us out one by one and our eco was at least triple theirs, we had our bases intact, we had their bases mostly destroyed. When is the update that makes it so you have to destroy all of your opponent’s landmarks before you can knock out a player? Because this is the worst part about the game so far. Also of course he hid all his landmarks by packing them up.

Stone walls.

Horsemen cant dmg stone walls.

If your RUS or uneilling to build walls

A few keeps close to landmarks and towers around your base with cannons would easily take care of it.

Here is a list to prevent landmark sniping:

1 map controll.
Have scouts and towers providing you clear vision.
This will give you early warning.

2 walls.
Limit or slow their approach by walling of possible approaches.

  1. Do not bunch up your landmarks.
    Makes it far easier to snipe them all.

  2. Protect your landmarks with keeps and towers.
    This will kill of the rush making them far weaker to deal dmg to the next landmark.

  3. Surround 1 landmark with Stone walls.
    You are immune to landmark snipe.

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Pretty much this and you will be fine :slight_smile:

Hey Kameho thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.

Yes unfortunately I was the Rus in this situation and it was a large map meaning I had to have some of my units walk back. I deleted other units so I could train more but it all happened very quickly. I did separate my landmarks by quite a bit, and I made some towers and walls, I tried repairing while he was nuking my buildings. I should of had more castles and towers guarding my base but honestly man it was so impractical at the time. I had a great eco but stone and coin were very limited even with an extensive trade route. It seems like I have to go above and beyond the enemy player just to survive when we were winning; it’s an expensive solution against a cheap, cheesy exploit. Luckily this mechanic will be patched out I just don’t know when. I thought it was with this season update but apparently not?

Well it looks like the opponent found a window of oppertunity and siezed it.
Such is the nature of the game at times.

I personally like to have at least 3 siegeworkshops in my base during late game as i usually play the mongols or abbasid.
That way i can quickly get up Mangonels to kill lff the blob. 6 shots from a mangonel should do enough damage to kill them off or damage them enough that their dmg becomes to weak.

Nomatter what Civ i play, i always afford myself tower and build towers in every patch of stealth forest i see.

I am in general a low APM player who mainly rely on mouse and arrow keys only.

So i rely far more on keeping map visuals and respond accordingly and know what the enemie is up to.

But for the Rus a low cost but effective way of defending your Landmark is by surrounding it with fat buildings.

My friend who always plays rus tend to always build the Golden Gate connected to his main TC. Then when he builds his secondary TC connected to the golden gate.
And a third if he goes for a 3 TC build. If he sticks to 2 TC.
He will build Market and a barrack next it. Untill the golden gate isbsurrounded on all sides and compacted between buildings.

Surrounding the landmark with these fat buildings forces the enemie to squeeze themselves between buildings, messing up their pathing and preventing full out DPS.

If you can do the same with keeps it becomes almost impossible to landmark snipe with cavalry.

feel that’s.
do no play TGs cause these ■■■■.
already fixed in the PUP… but how many will continue to play is a question we will see.

only toxics keep playing TGs with cheaters.

why we can not enjoy game? without this ■■■■ about you should win earlier, what a noob.