We will NOT tolerate this behaviour (22)

This is an official complaint to the Lead Graphic Designer and Quality Manager of Age of Empires Definitive Edition.

What did you do to our Hero Jason!? And how come the Quality Manager didn’t notice this!?

22 !

On a serious note: Is there any plan for rehauling the false textures for some units, such as Hero Jason? Because Triremes don’t have those eyes on the hull of the ship.

We want hero Jason back again!

biggest problem ever

There’s something I never understood, Jason is a Greek hero, why would he look like an Egyptian?

I have a theory Maybe when they created the game that model was going to be used for the Egyptian short swordsman, and maybe at the beginning all the civs groups would have different visuals.
But finally they gave up because it would be a lot of work and the game very heavy.

Well, they liked the model so much that they used it in a hero to not discard it.


hashtag/bringjasonback :smiley:



Oh no

Gimme my chariotless charioteer back!

Standard Triremes never had eyes though, only juggernaut /catapult trireme

Make Jason Great Again MJGA

Egyptian Jason

As an avid scenario designer it is nice to have a different look to some units… but perhaps make it a separate unit too with that custom appearance that inherits the techs of swordsmen unlike a hero unit. Would be more useful this way I think.