Weapon emplacements stop shooting for the rest of the game

Hi there,

i think there is a huge problem with weapon emplacements like cannons, springalds and so on. For no reason the weapon emplacements stop shooting for the rest of the game. If the weapons stops shooting, manual attack is also not working for the it.

My theory is (I’m just speculating based on my observations):

  • a weapon emplacement like an outpost cannon scans for a target
  • the cannon finds a target
  • a small delay until the cannon fire on the found target
  • if the target of the cannon dies in this small delay or the target walks in an improper angle or other reasons, that the cannon cannot fire, then the cannon stops shooting for the rest of the game. Maybe because there is a rule which runs into an error and the weapon can no longer scan for other targets?

I invested very many hours in creating a complex mod, but this bug kills the whole balance of my mod over and over again.

I made a video to prove it, because it’s not easy to reconstruct. Here you can see how weapon emplacement stops shooting for the rest of the game (in a normal skirmish game with my friend):

Link zum Video
(cannon and springald on the left side stop shooting. Later in the game another cannon stopped shooting)
I could make tousands of videos of this bug. it happens again and again.

I hope this request will be taken seriously and a solution will be found soon, because i think it’s a huge bug in the game.

Best regards

Thank you for reporting @NTL6062. The team is aware and working on a fix. It won’t land next update, but we’re hopeful for the following one.

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