Weather Effects

Is it possible to do a mod that adds weather effects to the game?

I mean only cosmetic, like in the Sforza campaign in HD Edition where we see rain in the first mission.

Effects like rain, snowfall, blizzard, sandstorms and the like… is that doable in the current engine?


Yes, it is certainly doable. You would need to create sprites, assemble the SLP files and then integrate them into a data mod using Advanced Genie Editor. It would certainly be a lot of work, but it can be done.

Where do you see rain? When exactly?

Imagine a fog coming up and when it clears up you see the enemy has surrounded your base.


I’ve always wanted the ability to add more cinematic effects to the maps, even more additions to the “color mood” tab would be appreciated, or a way to modify or make custom ones with sliders or something.

Sforza 1 from HD Edition (2013 version). You can see a rain effect right away at the start of the scenario (when you’re trying to rescue Sforza’s father from the storm).

So it’s not there in DE, is it? Anyway, I feel like the game should have more weather effects and if anyone makes a mod adding that I’ll be the first to download it.

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No, it is not in DE, as stated in the original post.

Or instead of a mod, it could be just a slider where we set the rain/snow/sandstorm density with a disable option for people that don’t like it and/or have potato PCs.

The mod/option would be just cosmetical for immersion. No gameplay mechanics involved.


I am sure it is done by a clever way that using objects and triggers to achieve the rain effect in the old HD scenario.

The general idea of adding weather effects to the game is what I really like. It would be very cool to see aurora in icy map and small dust storm in desert map.

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