Website Suggestions


Hi guys, @Plus2Joe and @jennywaboom announced on the Age of Empires weekly stream today that the Age of Empires community team is looking for website feature suggestions for all Age games. This is a perfect opportunity to make your voice heard. I witnessed the Age of Empires community forum and website go through several iterations since Age of Empires Online was announced and some important community website features were lost in the process. Your suggestions can help make the current Age of Empires website the best that it can be. Please share this thread with your friends who play any of the Age games!


I particularly love the wallpaper that resembles the original game’s cover art with the soldier, pharaoh, and architect, but any text/logos/etc on any wallpaper completely ruins it for me. Would it be possible to get just the wallpaper itself, without the logo and such on it? It would look beautiful that way. Thanks.


Just informing that on the home site, the Facebook and Twitter icons in the top right bring you to the opposite social media sites. Just an fyi :stuck_out_tongue:


@rhrmn said:
@PCS70 If you click on the paragraph symbol on the post editor there is an option to hide spoiler text within a forum post.

How could I have missed that one?

I think it’s a very nice option to give advice on campaigns.


Please make sure you don’t have to sign in again at sub sections opened in new tabs.


You broken all each update, lol.