Weird dinging noise when spectating a Xbox game on PC

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  • GAME BUILD #: 81058
  • GAME PLATFORM: Microsoft Store

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When you download a XBOX game and watch it on PC then you hear this dinging sound like someone is writing like an AI or something when watching without capture age. But it is fine in capture age. Only hear this sound in the normal spectating view. Its like the AI is trying to do its commands on the villagers of the XBOX player every time and writing it in the chat but we can’t see it only hear it. But its no AI playing its 4 XBOX players. When i spectated one of my PC games i did not have this issue.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Download a game from XBOX players
  2. Watch game on PC
  3. DING DING DING after every command or finding resources

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That I won’t be hearing any ding ding sound from every command that happens in the game.

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Hello @AzusaNakano3
Can you send me this rec? :slight_smile:

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Weird bugged Rec.aoe2record (2.8 MB)

For sure! here it is in all its glory!

@Felizon89 (don’t know if i need to tag you or not 11)

Do you have this issue with every rec or just this one?

The issue only seem to happen when you donwload a game from a website. It always happens when you download them from and from (most be xbox games)

Here is some more examples
AgeIIDE_Replay_229125549.aoe2record (3.3 MB)
AgeIIDE_Replay_229156228.aoe2record (456.5 KB)

But when i download a game from pc players for example Viper
AgeIIDE_Replay_229072788.aoe2record (8.0 MB)

Then the issue does not happen anymore. So its only when you download a game from any a websites and the players needs to play on XBOX.

I also tried to spectate some XBOX games live but the issue did not appear when i watched games live. Its only when its downloaded from a website. I do not know why this could happen, but i did try several game and it happen in all of them.

This issue also happens in 1v1 XBOX games -
AgeIIDE_Replay_229062165.aoe2record (4.3 MB)

@Felizon89 still don’t know if i need to tag you 11

@AzusaNakano3 you don’t need to tag me every time, but it’s ok 11. We’re now tracking this issue with the “ding” sound. Thanks for your report :slight_smile:

Good to know! Sorry for the tagging, just wanna make sure you get it 11 But good that you tracking now! Don’t know how else to explain it than with the “ding” sound. But I guess you also see it when watching the recs, not just me.

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