"Weird" Flemish Revolution concept

Hello there!

I know this is a pretty old discussion, simply had a kinda weird idea about this particular tech.

Instead of converting all vills, instead it would produce 1x flemish militia from each house that the player own and after that, houses can produce them. Ofc with possibly lower stats or so, could be too swarm focused etc, who knows. But it would be more of a “lets fill up my pop space quickly, as a defensive measure etc”.

Wish we saw the flemish militia more, without it being a win or lose solution.

I wish flemish militia is not locked behind the UT. The UT is really too gimmick.

All the pro scene, and most of the online players think this tech is not AOE, it’s beyond good or bad, balanced or not, it’s a gimmick beyond AOE’s universe, but dont really expect anything to change, developers RARELY bail on recently made bad ideas.

We’re stuck with this tech forever pretty much.