Weird implementation of some bonuses

The bonuses I am talking about are mostly Civilization bonuses (not team bonuses). This is not a post asking for a change if it doesn’t bother. Most of these changes affect campaigns, scenarios and sometimes Battle Royale (because you start with a hero unit).

  1. Indians: Lack Plate Barding - which gives all cavalry +1/+2 armor. Compensation - “Stable units” +1p armor per Age starting in Castle Age.

Indians do not train cavalry outside of the stable, so I don’t think a direct implementation of +1p on cavalry and scouts (there are 2 different classes) could have been used instead of implementing the bonus for each and every stable unit specifically. The units I am talking about include Steppe Lancers, Knights and Battle Elephants, which Indians cannot produce. But this actually hurts the Cavalry hero units which one starts with on Battle Royale.

  1. Parthian Tactics - This bonus is similarly implemented for every unit separately so it includes basically 13 Civilizations. This is really hurtful for Mongols and Huns, which use Parthian Tactics as a compensation for missing Ring Archer Armor. It could also have been implemented simply.

  2. Mayan Archer discount and Pavise: Guess which one affects all archera and which one affects only the Archer line and UU? Obviously it is Pavise which affects only Crossbowmen line and Genoese Crossbowmen. This is a really common UT to be given in scenario editors and basically applies only to the 2 units among archer units. The Mayan Archer bonus on the other hand, applies to all archer units excluding Skirmishers, which I don’t get. It could have been easily been applied to the 5 units Mayans have, as a whole.

  3. Berbers: “Stable units” cost -x%. The way the bonus works actually applies to all cavalry, despite Berbers being unable to train other cavalry units.

  4. Cumans Scout Cavalry: Mounted units gain +5% speed in Feudal Age. The scout cavalry itself also gains a speed bump from 1.2 to 1.55. Which one of these is implemented first?

  5. Byzantine Watch Towers and Siege Workshops: The way this bonus works is by granting +10% HP to buildings in Dark Age (all buildings), even if you cannot build that building. The most noticable ones are Castles, Towers and Stone Walls on Fortress. Watch Towers naturally have 700 HP in Dark Age and go to 1020 HP by addition, not multiplication. So Byzantine Watch Towers in Dark Age have 770 HP (even if you can’t build them). Next, they have 840 HP in Feudal Age (easily seen). In Castle Age, they have 1257 HP [(700 × 1.2 + 320) ×1.3/1.2], which is significantly less than what should have been. Pre DE, the HP in Castle Age was 1326 [1020 × 1.3]. Similarly for Siege Workshops, which were recently changed to let Cumans have Siege Workshops in Feudal Age, and gain +300 HP with Age ups.

Fix: Castle Age upgrade provides an HP boost of 45% on watch towers. For Siege Workshops, create a separate building in the Feudal Age, which has a single set of graphics for Cumans, just like how there are 3 different Stables, one for each age.

Why does this matter? In scenarios, campaigns and scenario editors, we are more likely to get a tech which affect units which we cannot normally train, like Plumed Archers for Italians. If we cannot train these units, the cost reduction means nothing, but Armor, Attack etc mean.

Unlike others, 5 and 6 have an effect on games.

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