Weird lag issue

Hello there.

I’m experiencing a weird issue in the last few days. My game runs totally smooth and I have 0 issues but the game shows a yellow clock next to my player’s name. When that happens, my oponent suffer from lag issues but my game continues to run totally fine. It happened like three times in the last few days and I’ve never had that problem before. I wouldn’t even notice it if other players didn’t complain about their lag.

I guess I’m playing against players far from my location and they are connecting to servers far from them, but if that is true, why do I have the yellow clock signal?

The yellow clock actually means that you don’t run the game properly on your machine. Since matches are hosted server-sided, connection won’t be a issue for a whole lobby, but a player running the game on a bad performance will.

What’s your setup specs and how’s your score at the benchmark test?

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Oh that’s interesting. My rig is quite modest but I have been playing the game with no issues almost since the release and I have more than 200 ranked games played already. I will take a look at the graphics settings. I remember I switched the V-sync on when the last patch was released. I will try to play with setings, thank you for the info mate.

I fixed the problem just dissabling the V-sync again. My game was running fine before and it’s running fine now. I don’t know if it’s a bug or it has something to do with my PC. Anyways I leave the tip here, I hope it helps to other users.

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