Weird marketing

That still seriously doesn’t answer the problem. If they are focused on enticing people with documentary style promotional material you would think they’d post more diverse content.

If you look throughout all their appearances in Gamescom and in the Relic livestream. They just post the same trebuchet video again and again. they’ve claimed to have made hours of video content and yet default to only one of them?


I think so.First they want to show beta version , and then they will show final product.I think its going to be next month closed beta , and open beta before october ;].

They should still be adjusting the game according to the immense amount of feedback received from the Beta.


Marketing is about repetition. Now that you’ve watched the catapult videos a hundred times you’ll eventually associate it with AoEIV. Also, it’s better to give a taste than to fully divulge the content.

Not every one is attending each and every stream (nor do they expect it) so the more they repeat it, the more likely they’ll appeal to someone who’s interested in history but is intimidated by RTS games.

If they’ll release more gaming based videos they’ll just be preaching to the choir or just stir up more complaints about graphics, building size, etc which are from players who feel that AoE2 is “threatened”.

What AoE needs now is a fresh new start and attract a new generation of customers, and based on their marketing, that’s what they’re seem to be doing.


probably you are righ.The thing is that , its 2 months before release , and we have no full gameplay video.I just hope we will have another closed , or open beta for everyone ;]

I think it’s better to strike a balance between hype and keeping the game mysterious enough to garner interest. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ramp up marketing in October. As for an open beta, I’m hoping for it but won’t be expecting it though I’ve heard that there’s a big possibility.

its actually confirmed by a mod here.

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That’s good news. Can’t wait!!

How exactly would grandma walk into the steam store front and find the game? Those times are over. As a parent you may open up an account for your child, but most will be bought by people with their own money, or by ~12yo timmy begging his mum to pay for it on top of his monthly dose of v-bucks :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s definitely easier for timmy to get mum to pay if the thing looks this tame. Not saying that this does not ensure being open to a young audience. But arguably so does AOE2/3 when only going by visuals.

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Isn’t that the point for highlighting the in game documentaries? It’s hard to see the educational value in AoEII and III’s campaigns and they weren’t they marketed as such so…

This exactly. Not only will grandma and grandpa not walk into Steam, grandma didn’t watch Gamescom so she didn’t even see the Trebuchet video.

Uncle, who played Age of Empires 25 years ago, won’t buy AoE4 for his nephew so he can learn history, he will buy it so he can murder vills and burn down their farms, just like Uncle did. So the Trebuchet video didn’t help.


“Remember: Don’t tell your mum what our Longbows did to those helpless vils today, Timmy. What happens on black forest stays in black forest :neutral_face:

That’s much closer to the truth, but hard to market for, I guess ^^
People also tend to be naive about this sort of thing. As if they aren’t getting yelled at by 12 years olds in their CoD lobbies. Or executed on the street and tea-bagged in GTA online.

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That would be such a cool ad, though.

Uncle: What do we do after an Onager murders 10 innocent vills, timmy?
Timmy: Type “11” into chat?
Uncle: Good boy.

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AOE2 was one of the primers to my love for medieval history. So I’d like to disagree.
It surely was bland and dry. They definitely should up the presentation for that.
AOE3 could’ve done the same for it’s respective time frame… but the campaigns were crappy fan fiction for the most part.

I see much less value in modern style History Channel formats. It’s mostly wikipedia level of information sold as hard facts and stretched into infinity for TV runtime. Not something to strive for in a video game in my opinion.