Weird nomad games

Isnt me or are all nomad games weird:
Last 3 games:

  • Game 1: Enemy dropped starting TC next to me.
  • Game 2: Enemy starts vill fighting before TC is up. I lost vill. Then he walks with weak vill to his TC through my TC. So we both start with 1 vill down.
  • Game 3: Enemy dropped starting TC next to me against.

Note: WIth ‘next to me’ i mean really next to me, like you do with the TC drop strategy…

Is this the new meta for nomad games? Please no…
When will i get a normal nomad game again?

1111 this is why I ban it.

Was there a YouTube video of a really gritty nomad game recently? When I always watched games, you could bet that half the community would be trying that strategy out and it’s even worse now that they can pick civ.

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I know there is a strategy called persian douche. Some players even douche without being Persians. This wasnt about the strategy, but by dropping the starting TC right next to each other, not about deleting your own TC and drop it next to your opponent.

In the 3th game is was Persians, so you can already guess what happens to the TC of my opponent?! Insta gg when TC was almost down. He wasnt aware of the strategy and now will ban Nomad. Fun fact: I was already building my TC, when he start building his TC.

People should not kill enemy villagers before their Town Center is up. I see so many people are trying hard in the ladder with the civ pick and the flank-pocket position, but this is not the nomad way…

no vill war, no auto win!

I very much liked i got revange by killing his vill too before before his TC was up.

You cant pick positions on ranked team games, isnt it? Did i miss something?

Never done it but I think it goes with the color you choose