Weird problems when playing ranked that don't happen in single player?

I tried a ranked game for the first time, and there were some weird aspects.

First of all, the map just looked different. When I watch the replay, the map looks normal, but playing it at the time, it didn’t look like it does when I watch the replay. I didn’t capture the video of the gameplay, so can’t show what I mean, but it all looked very different, and it was really offputting. Are there any settings that could make the graphics different for multiplayer vs single player?

The weird look extended to some elements being missing. I am convinced that there were no berries on my map in the game. I looked and looked for them, but I look in the replay and they’re right there near my TC, visible right at the start. There were other areas that were white with black squares, again these aren’t there in the replay, the map is just normal.

There was also weird behaviour with units not attacking, I wondered if lag could cause this? I would put the pointer over an enemy unit, it would change to the sword, I’d right click, and my units would just walk to where I clicked instead of attacking. It was as if something somewhere had a different view of events, and the enemy unit wasn’t where I clicked when it came to process my click, so it performed a move action instead.

And also weird, you can see my food drop by 500, but it doesn’t show me starting to research the Feudal Age till nearly 30 seconds later, again suggesting there are multiple interpretations of the sequence of events going on with significant time delays between them. Edit: ignore this one, it was queued behind Loom.

I have no idea.

Not all maps have berries. What map did you play? Maybe hill fort or Mountain pass? MegaRandom is also an option.

Isnt left click not just attack? Or did you change some hotkeys?

This is also new to me. Never had this. Didnt you have other things in the quuee? creating vills? Loom?

Yes, I realised as you were replying, it was Loom. My TC had been idle for 50 secs, and THEN I click Loom before Feudal. Duh. The lack of berries really threw me, as I didn’t have a mill, I forgot I’d have to build one because normally you build it next to the berries, so it’s never something you have to do specifically to be able to go up to Feudal. The map had berries, they’re there in the replay, they just weren’t shown when playing. I can tell I’m going to have to record the video from games in the future for the sake of my sanity!

I think I’ve always right clicked to attack, but I do find it confusing and arbitrary which things need a right click and which need a left click.

Well you specifically don’t need the mill for anything else than being able to build the market, and for farms. You just need 2 dark age buildings to be able to research feudal age, doesn’t necessarily have to be a mill.