Well I'm hyped, what's everyone's thoughts?

Age 4 looks great, also excited for new Eastern European civs (in aoe2). So hows everyone feeling? Initial thoughts of Delhi sultanate and China?

What are you most hyped for?


Graphics look like Aoe 3 and NOT in a good way. :frowning:


Perhaps 3D models are just not that good in AoE games? :smiley:

Idk I disagree… I think it looks good, ultimately though what I didnt like about AOE 3 was gameplay not graphics, so if the gameplay is good I’m excited, and I think some of the new things there adding look cool.

I mean we know vils will have to drop res at camps like aoe2. It looks like scouts will be able to do more hunting, but not like AOE3 heros. And sieges look very cool with units on walls. I’m optimistic.


Well it DID “look good”, but it did NOT look like an AoE game. It looked more like AoE 3 than it would look like for AoE 1 or AoE 2. :smiley:

Tone down the unit scale relative to buildings to match AoE 2 levels and i’d be very happy. That aside it looks pretty good but i can’t fully judge until we get to play the beta.


Yes. I just hope that NEVER have the “unit hit slowdown” that was in AoE 3. That would instantly ruin the game. It would prevent any sort of tactical retreat or raiding. :smiley:

A question guys…will there only be 4 civs when the game launches, or did they only reveal 4 so far??

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this need a big graphical overhaul, this is kinda harsh… but it’s disappointing so far
also the animation so bad… what did go wrong …


Agreed that the unit scale is jarring initially, but I’ve been playing aoe2 for what, 15 years? So obviously that looks more naturall but that doesnt mean we cant adjust to something new. Again gameplay matters more to me. I mean aoe2 graphics were literally trash compared to DE, never bothered me

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I think it looks like the game ‘‘Imperivm’’

Not sure. I think they ONLY revealed 4 Civs though with some parts of the 4 civs campaigns. :smiley:

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Thats my hope. I think I read somewhere there would be around 10 civs. 4 is nlt close to enought Imo…

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I have never heard of that game until now. It does SORT OF look like that game. However, it more-so looks like AoE 1 or Aoe 2 ORIGINAL, than it looks like AoE 4. :smiley:

10? I heard that is was 7 from videos where the designers were describing the game. :smiley:

Do you have any link to the video? They said nothing about it today right?

People in game development often think that “accessible” means dumbing down / cartoonish graphics (this use of words is used because i did not spend 4 years to get a graphics design degree), or dumbing down of the gameplay.

Not sure how the gameplay will be. However, it better be good. :smiley:

I was immediately WORRIED about the final state of the game, the moment one of the developers said “for a wide audience and not a small subset”. That jsut sounds like someone INTENTIONALLY REPHRASED the word “accessibility”, so as to NOT make it APPEAR that the game was “intentionally OVERSIMPLIFED”.

Whever that is the case, we shall have to wait and see. :smiley:

Oh, this was not in the video announcement from earlier. This was a video from awhile ago. I do not know where thee announcement is though.

I think it was still in an official video though. I think it was in a video where someone in the development studio (i think it was one of the highest ranked in the development team), was explaining things about AoE 4 and also talked about how Britons would play similar, and the mongols would play diferently. Though that was basically the same as what we were shown in the latest video. :smiley:

I think it was actually a previous gameplay video for AoE 4, now that i think about it. :smiley:

I’ve seen battles on walls

Loved the look of the campaign they showed, also liked the story they were telling about it, can’t wait to play !!!


Yes! 1066!!! HAIL WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR!!! :smiley: :smiley: