Wen they will nerf the warrior priest boom?

its been nerfed like 3 times


rly? because i dont see them so nerf

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what is ur definition of nerf?

Yo creo que se referia a la civilización azteca en si

No, please it takes years without WP shipments while dueling school doesnt boost them.


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Why is a nerf needed?

no necesita que le afecte lo de la plaza los 32 de daños es brutal y la vida que tienen

el daño que hacen 32 dm y la vida que tienen 300+ es ridiculo

no la civi solo el monje porque tienen mas de 300 de vida y que no se vea afectado por la plaza que es ridiculo

considering how high value of a target they are they need to defend themselves

And if they are not in the ceremony ie fighting the bonus is greatly reduced and they have to put more vils on it so you already got the win.

the fact that you pull them away from the ceremony should have been enough for you but i guess you fought under the tc with them involved, which would have lost you the game no matter what tbh

Aztecs need no nerfs. They actaually one of they weakest civs of all, at the point nobody uses them for tournaments like ESOCTV


so what i will do then vs the combo eagle warrior and arrow knight

As ethiopian? shotel + infantry mass and then cry

ironically shotel should do well vs the priest since they have bonus vs infantry, have higher hp then normal and also attack faster

Also get ur own op priest out there, get some abuns

also I just checked ur opponent and there was also a 300 elo gap between you, so I think that also had something to do with it.

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Ethiopia has God Tier skirms, and javelin riders are almost as strong as erks, idk why that composition should be an issue to fight against. Skull knight timings seem much more problematic for Ethiopia

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Yeah sure so Eagle Warriors have like 30% shield AND 1.50 speed dmg that Unit kills skirms

Yeah match making sucks

yes, and erks taxe 2x from skirms instead of 1.5x like every single other goon unit. even with armour they get rekt

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Lol egle Warriors with the plaza in DMG they hit you like 43 DMG AND hey have 1.50 the skirm have yo shoots 3 secs so elge Warriors hit you with double DMG i dont know what wrold you live