We're doing new sunbros 1v1 tournament casts!

Here’s our first match, an epic hausa mirror between vindian and ewoewo: Vindian vs EwoEwo // Sunbros 1v1 // Age of Empires 3 - YouTube

We’ve got lots more coming up so be ready for some great content


When are @LopsidedFluf’s games being casted?

He is not in it, he was to strong, only less than 1500 elo allowed

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Ah okay, thank you! @NikolieZeppilen

Late reply, but we’ve recently casted a game from LopsidedFluff
It’s not a tournament game, but a very clean Aztec rush on the ladder.
Link below.

Is the Aztec rush unstoppable? // Casted Game // Age of Empires 3 - YouTube


Thanks for letting me know. Will check it out soon! :slight_smile:

I’m too pro unfortunately