We're in AoM territory now

Ok so Sultans were a thing and they could’ve had an Army.
Jeanne d’Arc yeah she’s a person, she led troops.
Order of Dragons were a thing.

Empire of Jade, Really? I consider myself a pretty well read Chinese person. In over 5000 years, across 83 dynasties and 559 Emperors I never even heard of a mention of Empire of Jade. We really just making stuff up as we go now. We have a Jade Emperor that’s a religious diety that’s probably not very well respected seeing how he was written getting trolled by the Monkey King in Journey to the West.

In 5000 years, 83 Dynasties and 559 Emperors, the best relic can do is make up an “Empire of Jade”. This kind of callous handling of a culture can only be seen as plain ignorant. That’s not even the name of a generic army, nor a person, nor a knightly order, that’s name of a jewelry shop, or a buffet restaurant.


In case you didn’t know, there’s a big centralised thread on this where a developer has responded :slight_smile:

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Please don’t associate this with AOM.
AOM was based on real mythologies and cultures of real historical peoples (disclaimer: not 1:1 copy paste). Most of the creatures and deities were what those people imagined thousands of years ago. Most of them used the long-lasting mythological image instead of popular cultural ones (disclaimer: I know a small number of them belong to the latter). Not a newly-created original fantasy world.

The civilizations are called Greeks, Egyptians and Norse, not “Achilles” “the mummy makers” “the Valhalla warband”.
The gods are called Zeus, Odin and Isis, not “god of thunder” “one-eyed old man” or “lady with wings”.
The heroes are Heracles and Perseus, not basaka or laida.
They are not combining the centaur, the dwarf and the sphinx into one fictional race, but assign them to their respective sources. They are not using Tolkein’s image of “elf” which is common in a lot of modern fantasy settings.

Atleanteans were really a fictional thing but most of its assets are from actual mythologies.


I’ve stated this many times in other posts, but I can’t stop claiming it again.

“Empire of Jade” is 100% definitely an orientalism concept createdy by westerners, full of ignorance and prejudice. I’ve never heard of any regime or even warlord in Chinese history calling their organisation the “Empire of Jade.” Yes, jade is indeed a favoured item by Chinese. It can be used for decoration, as a gift, to praise the qualities of others, and even as part of the medals for the Beijing Olympics. But the title Empire of Jade was created entirely based on fiction and imagination. I think devs need to seriously read more about Edward Said and his famous book ‘orientalism.’