Were Persian Units speaking Persian or Arabic?

Hi Everyone, I noticed in the trailer that the Abbasid Caliphate was added into the game and I’m really excited to see it being added into the game. but I have one concern in the historical accuracy during the trailer I tried to listen to the unit more than once and I’m speaking Arabic only so I didn’t understand it was the Persian language until I checked in the forums and someone mentioned it’s Persian. My question here is this historically accurate? or was the Abbasid caliphate obligating its soldiers to speak Arabic only though the persian units knew how to speak persian?
Also, I know that we as Muslims had Persian scholars who spoke Arabic too so as far as I know intellectual Persians spoke Arabic but I don’t know about the People in general. The summary of my question is Does the Abbasid army speak Arabic only or more than one language? I’m not an expert in history so that’s why I’m asking I tried to search this topic on google but I failed to find anything useful to answer my question. Also i had another question there seemed to be no soldier speaking Arabic does that mean there will be no arabic speaking units?


I like this question. I was expecting standard Arabic as was the common language tbh. I also expect to see the language evolution in civs other than the English. Perhaps Persian is going to be more prevalent during a specific age?

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The official language was Arabic of course, but I don’t know if they forced Persian to speak it, but for sure they forced them to learn it and some Iranians said that they forced them to speak Arabic which makes sense,but any way the most accurate language for Abbasids is Arabic and it will be weird and unacceptable if they speak only Persian.

Edit: please if anyone one can reach the dev and ask them to give us an explanation to this.