Western Roman campaign thoughts?

Now that’s a veeeeeeeeeeeeery high chance of getting the Western Romans as a civ, who do you think would be a good character for a campaign? I’m thinking no earlier than 394, the year of the first Alaric scenario.

I’m also thinking about Majorian, as the last emperor who had some semblance of great victories. Do you have anyone else in mind?

I’m lowkey also hoping for an Eastern Roman campaign, like Justinian or Heraclius, besides the Bari campaign.

Note how I’m not judging if it is a good idea to split the Romans in Western and Eastern. We are way past that point, so let’s just enjoy it.


Im expecting Flavius Aetius since hes both influential, famous and featured in Attila

Tbh the campaigns would be the only thing I look forward from the new Roman civ

I hopethey also add a Persian and maybe even Turkish, Viking, Slavic or Magyar campaign


Official Apranik, as Hainaut183 is part of the team now


I prefer Khosrow I or Khorow II (since they are better recorded and can fight more enemies) but Apranik is also fine

TBH I don’t expect a “Rome” civ.
I think this would be really weird, as we already have AoE1 and AoM covering this kind of stuff.

I expect more a civ that’s representing the medieval center of the catholic church.

Maybe I’m wrong with that, but “Western Rome” just doesn’t fit in AoE 2 imo.

Im expecting a late Roman civ that represents the Roman military before the rise of Islam and the leaks seem to point towards that. They are pointless but still fit the timeline

And honestly I prefer a Roman civ than a Pope civ because Im kinda sick of the late middle ages

Maybe devs also just suprise us and make a mix of antique and medieval rome? 11

Or even both 1111

That would be the worst outcome lol


My kingdom for not spliting Italy.
Also, Return of Rome would probably not the best setting to introduce a civ that hasn’t much to do with the Western Roman Empire
Conclusion: 150% agree with you

Pls no

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Can we call them Popeyes and give them Naval Bonus?


Well, the leak seems to indicate they’re coming, so you’d better start expecting them.

What leak? 2000000 chars

You don’t know? I’ll send it to you privately.

That was great…LOL :rofl::joy::rofl:

Their hero should have big muscles and a pipe, and the campaign should be against Brutus to rescue Olive…

Please send to me too

Sure, any campaign between 394 and 632 will be fine…before that you already have the campaigns from aoe 1 (Return of Rome) and after that you already have Tariq and the standard game campaigns up to Bayinnaung…

Yes, Persian surely… the rest would come in next dlcs…

Of course, in fact I have the Apranik campaign, but I haven’t played it yet because I’m playing the Eastern Europe campaigns xd…

Chosroes I would be fine, so you can connect it with a campaign with Belisarius and the battle of Bukhara and while in Belisarius’ campaign you focus on North Africa and Italy against the Vandals and the Goths, with Chosroes I you would focus on the fights against the Hephthalite Turks, the Aksumites and Justin II in the siege of Dara in 573, being remembered as the greatest Shah of Persia since Cyrus the Great (nod to the Persian campaign of aoe 1 and aoeo)…the narrator of the campaign of Chosroes I would be his grandson Chosroes II, who before finishing narrating the campaign would burn the letter of a certain Mohammed asking to adopt his “new religion”…

It is already confirmed for the insiders leaks in the aoe 2 reddit that the Romans will come with their unique castle and the Roman centurion as a unique unit…also of course they fit if they are already in the campaign of Alaric and Attila…



wink, wink…

You already have enough with the Papal units in aoe 3…

I would say there are only three options:

1- Stilicho

2- Aetius

3- Majorian

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Actually new leaks show it will be a different UU.

Even a combined campaign titled “Saviours of Rome” featuring two missions each featuring each of these three?