What about having unit descriptions in game?

I wonder if it could be possible to add unit descriptions IG (without the need to open to menu) for those who want it just by putting your mouse on the image during the game ?

It would super helpful at low elo when you don’t know all units and their counter.


It would be best if somewhere in game there would be information what bonus damage each unit has and how much they do.

Aoe2 is full of units which have lot of bonus damage, but unless you look it out from internet you have no idea how much they do.


Yes. The main issue is that the way Genie handles bonus damage (using pairs of attack vs. armor) is complicated, counterintuitive and hard to convey in a simple way, unlike other games (e.g. Blizzard’s armor & attack types, or AoE3’s tags and multipliers).

I believe it is worth doing though. It belongs on the list of “obvious improvements the devs haven’t done”.

Aoe 1 had a feature where you could get the description of many units and buildings ingame.

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There is a “improved tooltips” Mod, i think that might be what you’re looking for

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thanks. I will check it.