What about HRE's unique units in Age4? (Poll)

Since Developer have confirmed Holy Roman Empire in AOE4 but they didn’t reveal any details about it. I’m more curious about it. For sure it’ll be about defensive structures, heavy infantry and religion, In aoe2 they were represent by the Teutonic Order. So I’m more curious about it’s unique units. Will devlopers choose Teutonic Knights or Dopelsoldner/Landsknecht.

Which one will you prefer. One is used in crusades on Holy Land second used to show wealth and might of German & Austrian principalities in Holy Roman Empire.

  • Teutonic Knights
  • Landsknecht/Dopelsoldner

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There is more than 1 unique unit possible nowadays. Bt it would make sense to only have 1 unique infantry.

I would hope they get the bohemian tanks and teutonic knights. but I doubt both :smiley:


Teutonics Knight ! i hope so

Teutonic knights are meant to represent Teutonic order and to show unity in Christian kingdoms during crusade, white surcoat, black Cross no other coat of arms.

Landskrecht + Teutonic Knight + Hussite War Wagon / or other Czech unit


It’ll be good siege option for them. If dev wanna go for the Campaign for HRE and crusade in future DLC they’ll definitely choose the Teutonic knights. And war wagons doesn’t fit in that time line.