What about the old civs?

So, as all here already know there will be 2 new civs, but what about the old ones? There will be some changes for them? Some balance changes or maybe will be given something to make them a bit more unique and different from each other?

We already know that the native american main civs will no longer use gold, but some kind of other resources, but what about the other civs, aspects or properties?


I remember there was a fan patch in 2010, which brought me very good playing experience of balanced powers.

I hope the official team can consider some of them.

What were the changes?

There was soooo many changes so I will only quote some of them:

Artillery Foundry : Cost decreased from 300 wood to 200 wood.
Plantation : Cost decreased from 800 wood to 600 wood.
Cavalry Archer : Speed increased from 6.75 to 7.25. Armor decreased from 30% hand to 20% hand. Melee Heavy Cavalry bonus increased from 4.5 to 5.0. Melee Coyote Man bonus increased from 3.5 to 4.0.
Sepoy : hit points reduced from 190 to 180
British : Manor cost increased to 145 wood. Manors now provide 15 population. Manor build limit changed to 15.
Portuguese : TEAM Gunpowder Infantry Hit Points, Gunpowder Infantry Attack, Gunpowder Infantry Combat cards moved to Age 2 and 3 separately.
Dutch : Royal Mint and Textile Mills cards add +10% to bank auto gather rate.


Wish they can remake some interesting but underpowered cards of old civs, to give old civs “new feeling”


Just wishing to see trainable Spahis and Urumis, one more unit for the lackluster Ottoman barracks, decreased cost of mansandbars and mercenaries as well elephant units, a reasonable nerf to Cuirassiers and Japanese technologies, etc…


I actually hope they heavily reduce the amount of unit shipment cards (both the number of cards, and the units they bring), and improve the unit stat bonii cards that are never picked.

Players should train their units, not ship them in by the dozen. Only Archaic units should come in large quantities from shipments, and even then, there should not be a +4 Pikeman card and a +6 Pikemen card, keep only the +6 and remove XP unlocking completely.


The Spanish need a buff for supremacy.
The French need a nerf in cavalry.
The Portuguese is a very strong in late game

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nah man, spahis are op in supremacy, making them trainable is just too expensive for otto, since they have the worst eco.
Imagine having to train a batch of spahis(they’re currently stronger than cuirassiers) it would more expensive, almost like the indian elephants. Think of them like a mercenary unit.

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As for the old civs, I do hope for the following and here’s some ideas I got so far:

  • Spanish receives the Conquistador as one of their unique units instead of staying as a Native trade post unit.
  • Spahi pop cost reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Native American and Asian civs are to be given an equivalent building to the church.
  • Wallenstein’s Contracts cost reduced from 4000 coin to 3000 coin.

They have it, it is the Firepit.

Spanish already have a lot of unique units and mechanics, they do not need the Conquistador, specially when AoE3 Spain is based around Melee Infantry and acvalry (Lanceros, Rodeleros, Tercio Pikemen).

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From what I understand, the Turks in general never fielded things like pikes but I remember a mod that gave the Ottomans the ability to train Azaps from their Barracks. I liked it since it not only gave them an extra unit in their sparse Barracks but it was a cheap and quick response unit.

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Turks did field pikes, after they started expanding into Europe, because they could not beat European-style Heavy Cavalry otherwise. If you see the history of Ottoman military, it is mostly a huge westernazation process.

Azaps with a Saber and Buckler would be more unique, however, but it is not like the Janissary is not the best Musketeer in the base game before the Ashigaru got introduced, and it does have enough Hand Attack to deal with Cavalry.

For Infantry, Ottos get Abus Guns, which are OP as all â– â– â– â– , and should be an Age 3 unit, not Age 2.

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The spanish need good units range, not melee.


They are a Melee civ in AoE3, and they already have Ranged units: Crossbowman, Musketeer, Skirmisher, Dragoon and literally everything in the Artillery Foundry.

Spain in AoE3 is basically the Anti-Britain, with a huge focus on Melee units instead of Ranged units, while still having a FULL Ranged roster.

In fact, they are the only civ to have Imperial Pikeman, because they are THAT focused on Melee units that they have their Archaic Melee Infantry upgrade to Imperial, like Britain’s Longbowmen and Portugal’s Crossbowman (Besteiro).


But Spain need a buff, now is the worst civ in supremacy?

Spain has the best cac, but cac in aoe3 sucks, imperial pikeman only good sometimes in surprise attack to builds, rods and dogs for rush.

Probably now only good FF with cannons and lancers, or/and Spain unction tactic.

But are weak in everything else.

They need no buff. I still remember back in vAoE3 they were often considered the best civ, because they had everything, and got Shipments faster.

Even is Asian Dynasties they are still a powerhouse civ, that can pull a Colonial Age Rush with just Rodeleros and 2 Cards for stats (Team Archaic Soldier Training, and Team Hand Infantry Attack), so strong that they can even beat Ottomans and Japanese.

Also, the Spanish Explorer has great stats and some of the strongest cards in the game.

You are supposed to Rush as Spain, not hold back and build up, or Boom. They are a bit like Turks, but with Infantry/Cavalry instead of Abus Guns, but the same in principle: abuse your stronger units!

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I remember that those were rarely seen, if I’m not mistaken they first need the church shipment and then to research the tech at the church, that was too long, costly and not that worth…

I wish that portos would simply get the “guard” (Besteiro) and imperial upgrades, like the spanish pikes.

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Yes, they need the Church shipment, and then 2000 Wood (if I remember correctly) which is way too much trouble to go through, for an Archaic unit upgrade.

They are quite strong, but grossly overcosted, both in resources (upgrade) and time to get them.

Another thing that I want is a adjustment to the Indian Elephant Units (Reducing a bit the cost and pop space), especially to the Siege Elephant since is a bit overpriced and don’t have bonus vs infantry (which could adressed by a new card).