What affects unit spawning order, and why is there no way to change it already?

Something that really annoys me is when I am in a big battle, and all my production buildings are all producing a lot, and I need trebs. I Queue up some in a few castles, but for some reason, whenever a pop space opens up, everything else gets created, when I really need trebs to keep pushing, so I would have to cancel all other production to allow for trebs to get created, before queuing up stuff again. What is it that decides the order of unit production? And can I possibly affect this is a way that does not involve me canceling everything else?
And why is this not something that already exists? Is it really that hard to add?

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It seems that units that were queued first are produced first when population space is freed. So ig the best workaround possible rn is to plan your queues ahead, but it’s easier said than done. As of a solution, I suppose they could implement a button for each production building that you could press to make this building’s production prioritized for pop slots.


Yeah, I would love to see that added. Had a match yesterday. Had a few castles queued with Mangudai and stables with Hussars to replenish my army as I was about to attack an enemy. It took close to 60 Mangudai to be produced before the first Hussar came out. I checked the Units list at one point. I believe I had around 120 Mangudai, around 30 Siege (Speedrams ftw) and 3 Hussars… LOL

I feel you bro… Another idea could be to use the visible general queue on top left to do idk Shift+Click and then the item you clicked will go to first place on queue

Does that really work?

It is just an idea… Doesn’t exist yet 11

yes. ctrl+shift click dequeues 5 items. just a click brings you to the production building.
So yeah, this problem has already been solved.

Not really… It is like a patch solution

It’s not solved. Read what I wrote first. I want a way to change priority without cancelling other unit productions. What you just described is what I already have to do. It’s not a good solution when I have to cancel unit productions to get a few units that I need the most to spawn.

This is a really annoying problem I face in almost every single game I play.

Its a pretty decent solution honestly just clicking in the top left of the screen a couple of times is not much more work, than it would be to drag items around to change priority.
You can also adapt your queueing behavior, as to not overproduce too many units. Like why would you queue 60 Mangudai, if you want a meatshield instead? With trebs It’s a bit more difficult, because you dont want many of them, but the Mangudai queue ist just bad play.

Is there any pro players that address this issue and share how they deal with it?

The problem is when you have more than one castle, for example, and all of them are producing UU. How do you identify the correct queue to cancel if you want a treb for an specific castle? You fall again in the issue of cancel all units queue

thats a different issue, thats even much easier to solve. If its not popcap, but production queue for a specific building you either click on that building and cancel the queue, or you click on the queued treb (without pressing shift), which brings you to the building it is queued in and you can unqueue the units there.

Yes man, the subject of the thread is literally simplify it. All here know how to do what you say

In supreme commander forged alliance forever (a rts) there are some hotkey to solve this problem which would be great for aoe 2

  1. Hotkey to cancel all unit production in seletec buidlings
  2. Hotkey to cancel a unit production in selected building except for currently worked on

We already got a select all military prod ution buildings hotkey. If this used first and then the new hotkey 1. Or 2. Used then OPs problem would be solved.

In my opinion this is what should be done as other rts have doej so before and it proved to work well as a solution.


If you have a lot of wood and villagers, you can delete the building and make new

pro players don’t float 10k/10k/10k and then queue 20 buildings at once.

I don’t think it comes up nearly enough to matter for them.

Pro players rarely run into this situation.
They tend to go aggressive early on and with micro so that there is rarely ever a situation where they get enough resources to fill up 10+ buildings with units, whereas people like me, who enjoys that endgame more, it happens all the time. I can’t remember the last time I played a game where I didn’t end up with 10+ buildings fully queued up with units that was not a campaign scenario.

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