Simply put I think a nice way to bring about more nostalgia along with the feeling of seeing maybe just how long its been and how far the Age Of Empires series has got.

I think an absolutely necessary feature in the game should be the option to switch the soundtrack between the one they have now and the old Age Of Empires 2 soundtrack as another option.

I think having the nostalgic music of AOE2 will at the same time remind us of the good old days and to celebrate a company actually making AOE4 an improvement to the games legacy.

The new soundtrack is much more fitting for the timeline than the AoE2 one.

This is a new game. Get over it.

Seriously, sort out your priorities.


I would love to live in a parallel universe where the soundtrack from AoE2 was AoE4’s top priority in missing features, like there would be nothing else that needed improvement and this would be it. Just imagine, it would probably be the same parallel universe where there are no borders and people of planet Earth just live happily together, and everybody is a vegetarian too.

You’ve the soundtrack of AoE2 on YouTube to play while playing AoE4 if you don’t like the music from the new installment. This is not top priority at the least in my opinion.

We live today and not 20 years ago and things change with time. I love the old soundtrack and it’s nostalgic more than anything and we have a way to go back and listen to it when we want.

  • change the player colour freely instead of it being tied to the player slot.

  • active pause for singleplayer

  • map editor

Gotta be careful with nostalgia-- it’s like infatuation, it’s temporary and looking back at it, you might regret it.

I don’t think the soundtrack of AOE2 would be directly transferable to AOE4 since it seems to depend on the situation, much more than in AOE2.


Put this on. Turn off ingame music. Done. I just saved the devs time. Literally no need for this whatsoever.