What are other game modes do you want to see?

Since Nomad is going to be a new game mode, this got me thinking: What are other new game modes that could go into Age of Empires IV and which ones do you want to see get added to Age of Empires IV? For me, I want to see Empire Wars become a game mode just like what it happens to be in Age of Empires II and III. How Empire Wars could work in Age of Empires IV could be similar to that of both, Age of Empires II and III. The Treaty system could also be officially implemented into Age of Empires IV and maybe even Royal Rumble could become an official game mode as well. What do you guys think?


They should just implement all the existing game modes in AoE2 and AoE3. Recently AoE3 implemented diplomacy game mode as well where you can change allies and enemies (which has been in AoE2 for a long time). And AoE3 also has a tycoon mode which can be a very nice booming lesson.

Just implement everything that the wonderful definitive editions have. Other than that I really would like to see a Risk game mode where you go around conquering the world and the more territories you have the more army you can train.


Battle Royale that is actually enjoyable compared to AOE 2 DE. A co-op mode similar to Starcraft 2 where we get sub-factions for each of the current civ roster. One sub-faction has a unique hero unit or general with unique techs.

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