What are people's favorite thing about the game?

Just curious, what are people’s favorite thing about the game? I think for me, I just really like it when castles crumble.


If I had to chose only one. The matchmaking system.

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  1. Quality of Life improvements.

  2. Matchmaking. (Only the first month. The ban system and the return of the cancerous maps which have plagued this game for years almost kill all the fun.)

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8 hour diplomacy games on a custom map with 1k pop.


Playing castle defence followed by massive deathball steamrolling in campaigns.


I thought at first it would be the auto-reseeding farms, but actually it’s the global unit queue and the villager count that are the best features. This way you don’t need to try and guess how much villager you’ve got and what they are doing, and being able to checl whether or not you have enough units incoming is great.


All these are weak and unworthy replies.
What is really best in game is:

To kill enemy Knights, see their Crossbows driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their static defenses!


Suffocate in your boni.


My bonii (2 i) will overpower your petty bonuses!!!

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Buildings and their Architecture !


Custom games in general (it’s a shame that they don’t work for 2 months now).

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Yea been hosting some games today and so many people dropping on custom maps. :S Atleast got a game going but it wasn’t full after start. :joy:

It turns to be a tragedy when you’re wanting to play with friends.

This game is awful ■■■■

wololo uaiouaio wololo

This game is amazing

(I love elephants)


For me, it has to be the history, as an avid student and lover of history and culture ,I love reading up and studying the histories and cultures of nations all over the world and I am intrinsically fascinated by the Medieval period. To read up on battles ,castles beautiful cathedrals dedicated to God and then get to experience that history in person by visiting the locations in real life and then get to go onto AoE and command those armies ,build those cities and relive the medieval history through campaigns and battles is utterly thrilling to me.

Learning how to manage a cities economy ,a kingdoms diplomacy and trade whilst simultaneously commanding armies ,conducting complex battle field manoeuvres, sieges and army compositions is truly captivating and thrilling to me.

For me to visit a country such as France ,Poland and the Levant and then get to command armies on its battlefields in game is illuminating .

That is why I want more civs such as Poland, Armenia and Georgia ,in order to create, showcase and experience their rich medieval history as well.


More letters to choke on

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Raising a new Rome, one word at a time…



Thanks you very much sir, but I’m a little confused. Why arw there 2 Elite Battle elephants? And front row seems the elephants of AOE 1, am I right?

You are right, there are many different elephants. He is just promoting his mod