What are the Russian landmarks High Armoury and High Trade House based on?

I’m curious if these had real-life inspirations like seemingly all other landmarks of the european civilizations do. Does anyone have a clue what these might be?

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Salutations and welcome to the forum. I believe the trade house is due to Novgorod being a massive trade center of east Europe. They are probably in the same vein as a guild or cavalry school, in that there was such things back then but possibly not based on any direct building. As for the armory, I am unsure if Rus had a vast metallurgy history. I know venetian, and HRE(gothic) armor was famous for its style and defense; the Norse where known for their surprisingly sturdy and stunning weapons which also used complicated etching for its time, using acid or pounding letters/runes into the blade.

HIgh Trade House isn’t probably based on any specific landmark - it looks kinda generic.

High Armory could be based on Tula kremlin. Tula was known since late XVII century for manufacturing guns and artillery for Russian army.