What are your favorite civ matchups?

Game type, Civ #1 vs Civ #2, and why.

In Supremacy, I like playing as Russia versus the Dutch. Can you kill off the Dutch player as he’s defending for his life, before the gold boom overtakes you? It feels like a ticking time bomb, and it’s a tough challenge trying to take down multiple buildings with weak units.

In Treaty, I also like playing as Sweden versus France, cause it’s an intensive battle with artillery micro, military overpop, and with Caroleans countering one of France’s best weapons, the Gendarmes.


It must be Lakota vs Ottoman. I can not imagine how will I lose the game.

Francia vs Alemania / India vs Japoneses

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I like any of the ones I win primarily. If I lose they are op.



  • Spain vs Mexico for historical reasons (I dont play Brits or USA). Also Spain is one of the civs that stop Mx OPness.

  • Same for India vs Brits.

  • Aztecs vs Inca to see which inf focused civ is stronger. Vs lakota is funny too. The lack of artillery gives a bit of diversity.

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I like malta vs haud/inca/lakota, it’s fun to lame all the buildings when they have no good artillery.

I really like mirrors, I like to see two players with equal civ bonuses and their skills put on the field.
Mainly I like a lot the Japanese mirrors and German mirrors but I also enjoy watching France vs Germans because it is an almost equal match where the civ bonuses are deeply felt in the battles; India vs Japan satisfies me to see Indian players inventing strategies to try to defeat the japanese and dutch mirror, very fun to see the war ryuter skirm cannons especially games played by supernatural players like the dutch mirror of the 2007 wcg final, grunt vs parfait :star_struck:.

I’m with you. I like mirror matches. Nothing funner than beating a higher ranked mirror.

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dutch vs japan because these 2 civs are 2 boomy civs, and the goal is not to let his opponent boom for free right, and so i find it interesting to see 2 boomy civs compete age 2, to see the dutch contest the shrines and therefore to see japan wanting to defend them and suddenly there is always a bit of age 2 play before age 3, despite the prejudice of these 2 civs who are boomy and a little turtle, there is a lot of action and a lot of strat can be effective and i always find this mu interesting, and also this mu is more closed than what people can think tbh, ofc its still a bit japan favoured since the bank xp nerf

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Swedes vs Ethiopia (treaty). Because swedes can do nothing vs Ethiopia. Swedes usually win by his combo Carolean/hussar/art which is effective vs all European and Asiatic civs, but vs a civ that not uses cav is useless. Really funny to play.

ahhahahahaha Espanha vs Alemanha rodeleiros + hussados torram o exército alemão