What are your favorite maps?

I didn’t see a topic like this yet. The question is simple: What map or maps do you just love to play? Specifically, what are your favorite maps in each of the following three categories: open maps, closed maps and water maps? (So for instance an answer could be open: Arabia, closed: Black Forest, water: Islands.) In the poll you can also fill in which of these three broad categories you prefer in general.

Both random map types and fixed maps are welcome, as well as official maps and stuff other fans made. It’s up to you to decide in which category a map like say Highland or Mongolia falls. (Or to decide to have a fourth mixed category or anything you like.) You can list your preferences for any other specific situation as well (1v1, 3v3, free for all, regicide, nomads start, wonder wars, scenario, multiplayer, against AI, no rush, city building alone on a map, constructing your own scenarios etc).

I’d go first, but I’m way to undecided on the whole thing yet, switching all the time while I should probably just start learning one map type well to develop my way of playing. That’s one of the reasons I’m interested in seeing other people’s answers.

I personally like random maps 'cause ya dont know what you’re gonna get!

Hi, I really like maps that have different levels of terrain height. So maps that have climbs / descents where there are many strategic points to defend or where you can build impregnable fortresses defended by natural elements.

Water maps I find interesting, just because it changes the way you play, which I like, but I’ve always been a fan of naval engagements in all of AoE. That and galley rushing is really amusing, just so long as your not up against Vikings :stuck_out_tongue: .

I used to like the AoE2 Black Forest map, the thing is that there is no such thing in AoEDE and no way that I know about that will let me make my own Random Map Scripts… Like in AoE2 back in the day.

Black Forest and Oasis I think because you can close off choke points. I also like Arabia because it is open. Though with Arabia people tend to harass you with scout cav rushes early on, which is really annoying. It’s especially annoying because I know how to fight them off, and it just makes for an easier game on my end because the rusher spent all his resources on trying to rush me. So when I counter attack, unless he’s super-brilliant, it’s an easy win.

I used to like islands and team islands, but team islands tends to be a race to see who can kill the other guys fishing boats

I liked open maps years ago and only played 1v1’s on arabia mostly, but as I got old, I enjoy closed maps more where I can kinda lay back and relax a bit in 4v4s.