What are your five favorite civs?

I can only come up with two, that’s why I’m looking for more!

British - the free settler with Manor House is hard to beat. And the Portugese - the free TC when you age up is both easy to use and very powerful.

Any other suggestions?

so keep in mind i mostly play treaty, which colors me a bit:

Russia, i just love to constantly remacro, endless waves of cossacks to kill the people who think skirms are gonna save them.

British, i just like my grenadiers mkay?

China, basically same reason as russia the field must flow.

Dutch, i honestly dont know, the eco?

Portugal, when i want to relax.

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Japanese - i love samurai, all wonder stuff, rice paddies
Iroquouis - the only native with siege, even a weak cannon is better than nothing
Hausas - the developers outdone themselves here, a really pretty civ, that i need to still get used to it but I see its passion when they made it
Swedes - i love how they bend to mercenaries use and Carolineans are very unique
Inca - about all native, a improved version of Aztecs and versatile

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Germany - I like raiding with cav even when I’m too lazy to make a stable lol. Plus the war wagons are cool imo. Not a super big fan of using crossbows though. German mercs also really fun.

China - Getting a large deathball with shipments can be fun and it’s interesting using melee infantry in a meaningful way when your somewhat forced to make them. Infinite flying crows are also pretty nice.

France - A decent civ without many gimmicks. I think it’s good for improving micro/macro skills plus cuirassiers are fun to use.

Japan - I think they have the coolest wonders. Getting export from the shrine wonder is nice for consulate strats and I think all of their consulate options have decent uses. Aesthetically I think the units look cool and obviously they become very strong with the auras/upgrades. One thing though is when I go from Japan to Germany it feels rough maintaining pop space.

Ottomans - They have some pretty interesting strats and revolutions. FF for many tcs, Nizam, Fast revolt, and sometimes I like use them for native rushing.

Brits and Dutch, both have amazing booms that aren’t too gimmicky. Easy to master,also not too reliant on many cards do their is more room for deck building.

Spain, lancers are lots of fun.

Actec. If you can reach imperial age, these dudes reck with their Eagle runner knights with insane dps on the dance. They can even beat skirms, their counter. Also not having to worry about permanently losing factories to snipes reaaally gives peace of mind.

Other civs I haven’t touched much in de yet because I can’t get all the cards I want with them into one deck. I really miss my 44 card decks back in the days on vanilla game ranger. Vanilla had less good cards so you felt like playing all cards mode.

Ever tho the swedes got nerfed i think they are still a great civ and China works

Japan: Best wonders, best consulate, cool unique mechanics, an easy-to-use and powerful roster of units, it’s a civ that is so well designed that makes everybody else look underpowered.

France: Out of the 9 european civs in the game, I think France is the most solid. Doesn’t have any crazy mechanic, but has a great economy, a great cavalry, good variety of units and can build up to 4 forts.

Lakota: It has a very unique cavalry spam gameplay style: Not needing houses, fast training units, good variety… I just think it’s fun to send a 50+ units cavalry rush into the enemy base and wrecking havik.

Portugal: Since I’m brazilian, Portugal was immediately the most familiar civ in the game for me back when it first released. While not particularly great, it holds a special place in my heart for being the very first civ I played.

Sweden: Really powerful mercenaries and a handful of cool unique units and mechanics. But mostly, really powerful mercenaries.

Honorable Mentions:
USA: Gatling gun goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Inca: Good turtling civ with cool models
Aztecs: Waits until the end of the game, uses all big button shipments at once, attacks enemy with a 150+ units army. Also cool unit models
China: Flamethrower goes fowshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Hausa: Great for when you want to play AoE3 as a city building game


I like Portugal, Russia, Dutch, Spain and France. I guess I just like the vanilla civs.

And well, you seem to like civs that have strong ecosystem (British and Portugal)… I could recommend China and Dutch for you guess.

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India : most unique and almost ensured no one else plays the same civ.
Japan : easy to play when u are in mood to just crush enemies for fun.
Dutch : the horde of Artillery is mersmerising.
British : the eco n vill spam and hopefuly longbows n rockets
Spain : for some random revolt

Germans: Love cavalry raiding, powerful mercenary shipments and trolly gameplay.

Spanish: Love fast shipments, good ffs, revolutions, and the idea of being a vicious imperialist conquistador with a bad dog.

French: I’m Canadian and I love French-American history.

Iroquois: Very interested in Great Lakes and north-east woodland Native American and First Nations peoples and the Iroquois are the closest fit. Personally I’m more drawn to the enemies of the Iroquois like the Huron and Ojibwe.

Lakota: I’m fascinated by Plains Nations – not as interested in them as north-east woodland groups – but the Lakota get bonus points for having more trolly gameplay.

inca: i like their gimmicks (poison; conversion; disguised buildings) and their defensive potential

germans: the feeling, when dopps do their little sworddance and skirms drop left and right. also raiding and strong shipments

ottomans: nizzam and 4tc boom are fun for chilled games; I also like their revolutions

china: my go-to-civ for spamming and those mortars are cute ^^

portugese: the first civ i played competitive in legacy, so kind of special for me

I almost exclusively play 1v1 or ffa so my list is definitely skewed towards that.

Aztec: a flexible, strong civ in the right hands. They have many unique quirks, their warchief is a monster and the civ rewards high apm and good micro. Eagle Runners are awesome, every unit paths well and every unit has that high rof that makes them play out really smooth, and their flexibility with ceremonies, constant shipment progression, ability to play well on any map - tp, no tp, water, land, small maps, big maps, high hunt, low hunt- makes them fantastic for quicksearch on random maps.

India: Similarly to aztec, they have a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. They have a fantastic selection of consulate options, with ottoman being my favourite. Urumi are probably my favourite infantry unit of any civ. When I’m playing with india it always feels like you have an answer to anyone’s build order or composition. Siege elephants are amazing in 1v1 settings (shippable culvs age 3, and can apply so much siege pressure after falconets, etc. are dealt with), and you always have a great eco thanks to wood trickles, vills with every shipment and free woodcutting upgrades.

Lakota: I love the mobility of this civ. not worrying about housing, just applying constant pressure to opponents, getting that deathball of cav and riflemen, hitting that big button at 16 minutes… so satisfying. Lakota is a lot less flexible than the above civs, but rewards decision making and unit placement so its really fun to play.

Dutch: My old squeeze and the only euro I play with any regularity. I like their comfortable boom, age 2 skirms, ruyters are fantastic to use. Halberdiers being moderately viable is a great bonus against obnoxious cav spammers and of course, the church card is top tier. Get those muskets out with a heavy cannon shipment and you can end games in just seconds.

Haudenosaunee: Just such a solid, well rounded civ. Best skirms, solid goons at a really fantastic price, shippable halberdiers and cuirassiers to get you out of a pinch. Kanya are good cav for their cost and the shipments are really strong. Travois with every ageup and the ageup options are so flexible- vills, crates, fast age. Mantlets are a fun cheesey unit, and light cannon are just so effective and spammable. The multi-crates are great because they’re so adaptable and you have a fantastic selection of unit upgrades, economic shipments and unit shipments. Even their builds are easy to adapt. Age 1 dock, extended age 2, ff, semi ff, fast industrial, its all so good.

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I’m a simple man… Brits x 5

But in the spirit of the thread - I like civs that have funky houses and musks so Brits, Japan, Sweden. My first love was China and I still enjoy their uniqueness (and funny houses). Since a Blockhouse has the word “house” (and gives soem pop) in it and it’s a funky rax, I’ll go Russia. Also, musks paired with highly upgradeable age 2 skirms . . . you can’t go wrong with that!


I like these 5 mainly:

The 2 new African civilizations. (Since I can only choose 5, I choose Hausa)
Ottomans is my favorite.