What are your hopes and fears?

Yeah. I’d like the game to be challenging, although doable at the same time. Of course, for those who want a challenge, maximum difficulty is a must.

I just don’t want the game to be dumb.

Optional quality of life features would be ideal, too.


I´ve heard there will be 4 ressources again so that should not become a problem.

I think it is fine to have bowman+crossbowman on the same level. In the end they were different units (bowman could shoot faster with more range while crossbowman have more attack and accuracy). You could make it, that some civs do not have crossbowman but bowmen to diversify or to have alternatives like longbows+crossbowmen for brits but only recurvebows for some eastern civs while they have a mounted version of recurvebowman, it would not be a special unit but at the same time not available for every civ.

Units like axemen that are similar to swordsmen available for some western/northern europe civs and also for other asian civs but in a different appearance. There were same weapons used by different civs. A good mix of units with overlaps to other civs while having multiple special units that complement the army and make it unique. My biggest hope, to have a well balanced and diversified but historically accurate army.

Further I hope that you will have a steady advancement of those units while movin up the ages. Not like in Aoe2 where you can make elite-skirmishers in age3 and then there is nothing to come but you can upgrade your knights 2 times in age 4. In AoE3 you just had one age (age5) where you just upgrade all units once more. That ´s unneccessary and bad for the game. But I think this is going to be a main problem if all civs go through the ages, that upgrading units while being able to build new units would make everything unrealistic again. Also the approach in AoE3 was very good but the range of additionl units you could make in AoE3 with mercenaries and the new factions was too much. There should be a set of basic units that can be made by multiple factions and also civ-dependant special units in all ages. This would give civs their special stamping and make them more fun to battle.

I hope there will be at least a little of tactics going on. Should not be too sophisticated to improve that within 20 years, I mean fighting is a main element of the game. You should be able to make a line with pikeman, simplify micro-management by having a box for your bowmen to rearrange and switch to an “raning-arrows” mode to shoot slower but deliver area-covering damage or be able to keep em in a infantry-square. Shield walls that add Defense and make your infantry slower. Etc… much potential in here!

Some little effects like increased cav attack when they charge by a double mouseclick (total war) or throwing oil down the gates (stronghold), climbing walls with ladders etc… can make such a game much more fun to play. Wall fights could be more realistic too: If someone climbs up the ladder, you can click on the defender to attack the man on the ladder blocking him so they have to fight on the edges of the wall. If the siege system is similar to total war where soldiers just flood on the wall to fight over there, that´d be quite disappointing for me.

The economy system should not be completely the same too like mills for everyone, but a little diversified too with pros and cons for each civ being balanced again in the end. If everybody just builds the same mills collecting food in a identical fashion, would be a little disappointing aswell. And becoming boring slowly, because I´d playing the same (unrealistic) economy system for about 2 decades. At least in AoE3 they fixed the problem with the outrunning gold mines from AoE2.

My biggest worry, as I saw those massive walls that some civs (like Mongols) won´t be able to build those and bring in imbalances that are too significant. The goths without stonewall in AoE2 really sucked. And finally that maps might be too small and you dont have the mapcontrol as a tactical element anymore.


I fear that micro is not fun. Mangonel micro or crossbow hit and run kind of stuff might not exist.

Also afraid that they don’t keep the game streamlined and simple but at the same time deep strategical. Basically what has happened to the aoe 3 expansions.

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Gamestar interview

"All civilizations use the four resources food, wood, stone and gold, but not all of them collect them in the same way, use them in the same way and need them in the same ratio.”


i hope the deck system from age 3 will return or something similar to it and more than 8 civs at start

my fear is the population cap i hope they dont go above 300 or we will need a computer from nasa


No card system isn’t returning.it isn’t aoe3 medieval edition
a quote from interviews

“The feedback from the fans was sometimes blunt,” Mann remembers. Players know what they want. But you can’t follow their wishes blindly. “We had Age of Empires 3 players who would have liked to have had the card system from that game in AoE 4,” Isgreen says in disbelief.

Card system just doesn’t make sense for medieval.
It makes sense in aoe3,you are an “outpost” and receiving shipments from your main kingdom.
But in aoe2/aoe4 you are not a outpost,you are “the kingdom”

No it is max 8 player again

In multiplayer mode, Age of Empires 4 will support games for eight players and everyone should command a stately army. In single player mode and campaign mode, however, you can then distribute this common unit maximum between computer AI and the solo player to stage truly gigantic battles. Just like in the trailer.


I understand the concern, but they also formed a studio from a mod team to make AOE2 DE instead of outsourcing the game like they could’ve easily done. On a side note have you played grounded? It’s pretty good tbh, from what I’ve seen interviews it was something they were working on before they were purchased by microsoft. They are working on a more traditional RPG called Avowed as well.

I think Microsoft is coming around honestly, they directly support integrated mods in PC games how many triple A studios actually take the time to do that.

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yes,who knows game will be good or bad.im just waiting for news now

Formulating it like this seems you intend it to mean AoE3 didn’t have ton of units, when it did.

Also xp can be seen as a fourth resource and for the Asians Export as even a fifth.

My fears are bascially summed down to not an AoE II copy, but of which I saw some things that it wouldnt. Another fear was just medieval, but that turned already out to be true, so o well.

One of my hopes is that they add the village system of AoE III, like others said, although I wished it were there, a card system doesnt fit as you are not playing as a colony. But villages were so cool in AoE III and I dont see the problem to have them in AoE IV, it’s also a very unique concept in games, I havent seen it really before.

This way you can also “add” civs withouth actually having them. So for example on release they dont have Poland, but than via a village system you can add them and allow players for example to train winged hussars from the village.

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village system?if you talking about aoe3’s resource gathering,they won’t make this.

a scene from trailer,it seems they are going to aoe2 style resource gathering

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Village system is the one were you can build a trade post to ally the natives, but ofcourse would be called different, because medieval.


That they don’t adhere specifically to a precise time frame - the medieval-ish era of Europe is roughly comparable to quite a long stretch of China’s history, but they wouldn’t have taken place during the same time.

I hope they make it less about time frames and more about technological periods of different cultures - like seeing the Lac Viet fight the English while the Olmecs turtle in the background with some Yoruban raiding going on. Get what I’m saying?

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Oh yes,village system.great idea.(sorry i misread,i thought “villager”)
easily can adapt to medieval

We know it’s going to cover the Middle Ages, but we don’t know for certain if it’s going to be limited to that period of time. Maybe the time shifts are bigger than we think. The technological periods. Could be cool to see different civilizations accessing to unique techs and weaponry.

[quote=“QuiltedDisc130, post:22, topic:94437, full:true”]My biggest worry, as I saw those massive walls that some civs (like Mongols) won´t be able to build those and bring in imbalances that are too significant. The goths without stonewall in AoE2 really sucked.

I’ve addressed just that in a topic I created earlier. I think the Mongols not building walls but haveing free Cavalry Archers would rule. Likewise, I don’t think that Goths sucked; you just need to learn to use their offensive power as your defense.

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Hopes: more UI capabilities such as rotating buildings natively, closer zoom in and further zoom out, ships don’t get stuck all over each other like they’re mating with each other, walls that can go over/through trade routes (maybe with a gate or something), something other than the church have defensive upgrades, and the church actually serve more of a purpose.

Additional hopes: languages that improve with each age, more inline with actual language progression in real life. Native tribes that don’t just mumble but actually say real words when you’re zoomed into their camp. More eras, even getting into a modern era with planes (that’d be cool). There’s a LOT that I LOVED about the old Empire Earth I and II games that AoE could mimic – of course not the poor graphics and game play performance – but the features. I LOVE more involved RTS’s with more options, choices, advancements, etc. because it means I can play for hours and not get bored.

Fears: That they won’t come out with an AoE IV and this is all a waste of time. WHERE IS THE BETA??!!?


The timespan for Age of Empires is nine centuries. So, maybe the language changed in real life, but, is it really a feature that would enhance gameplay? They already added the nice detail of language for each civilization. I think they should leave it at that.

They’ve went back to the Middle Ages because they realised those are the best ages to recreate. The kind of game you want to play is Rise of Nations - from Ancient to Information age. It’s very similar to Age of Empires, so you’ll like it.


I appreciate your opinion but I think that, for example, British English should change with ages. Be nice to hear words I know/understand, so I don’t have to figure out what they’re saying. It’s not a make or break thing, just a hope.

I’ve played Rice of Nations. I own it, in fact, on Steam. And while I enjoy it, it’s not AoE, a game I’ve played since I was like 8 years old. I generally don’t play multiplayer (most people are just too aggressive and want to kill you within 20 minutes and it takes all the fun out of it), and I love aging up and building all the buildings and such, so for me, more buildings and more ages the better. Probably why I like games like Foundation or Cities Skylines (sims or rts-sims) more than anything.


One of my most recent fears would be enemies sending spaghetti lines of soldiers just like in AoE2