What are your ideas with which new maps we could see in the future?

Considering that Season 4 was announced to add some new maps, what ideas do you have for new maps? For me, mine are Acropolis, Basin, Costal, Pomerania, and Valley. What are your ideas?


I want the treasures thing from aoe3, or more passive decor. Besides the random bridge here or there the world seems stale and sterile. I want it to feel more lived in and immersive. A ruins map would be neat. Old, decaying megalithic structures and statues.

treasures likely wouldn’t fit the way aoe3 does them, but more passive decoration is needed agreed, like horse in stable not being a statue, far from only offender

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1/ I would like to see “coastal” map

2/ Also the desert map with limited space for farms/ agriculture - like in Stronghold Crusaders

You can build farms only on “fertile land”, not in the middle of desert

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sounds similar to aoe2 savanna which also makes terrain important for building placement, cracked ground reducing building resistance to damage , good call
my personal idea would be smt similar to siberia of aoe3DE, to recap what that one is like, similar to frozen lakes of aoe2, but with added trade sites, which are a thing in 4, both maps also feature a wide no man’s land where no buildings can be placed, in both cases ice
then there are swamp maps of 2 and 3 to consider, 2 has marsh that can have buildings, units and ships on at once, and 3 has shallow waters to represent, no building, land units only as ships can’t sail in such shallows

also aoe4 should trail some new ground, like muddy ground slowing down unit movements, smt essence engine this game uses already did for coh series, there’s plenty of potential to tap into

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I remember that, on launch, the Danube map look much more naturalistic than it does now. It was simply a river flowing across the landscape. I miss that kind of simple, natural-looking river map and would like to see it return.

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Mediterranean needs pockets of sleath water toward the middle of the water.

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Just like what AoE1’s Mediterranean map has. This feature should also be in AoE2’s Mediterranean map as well.